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Centerpiece : Tall Manzanita branches strung with white cymbidium orchids and hanging crystals, set atop a dramatic black tablecloth, create a striking, sophisticated centerpiece.

Guests for dinner: Six tips from a pro to make your party rock

Planning a dinner party? You don't have to be a professional planner to pull off a successful event, but some advice from a pro can … Read more ›

Here to help: Chicago-area wedding consultant Kristina Taheri assists a bride at the Four Seasons. "A reputable planner can anticipate and avoid challenges before they happen," Taheri said.

Why hire a Wedding Planner? The best ones do a lot more than plan!

It might be snowing sideways around here, but for brides to be, this is peak wedding planning season. One early decision should be whether or … Read more ›


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