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The Spew returns to The Laughing Chameleon after their last SOLD OUT show!  Wednesday May 9  8PM .  Just $10 in advance/ $12 at door www.thelaughingchameleon.com

The SPEW returns to The Glen where their last show was SOLD OUT!

Ensemble comedy has often been dominated by male troupes. In the absence of a single female cast member, groups like Monty Python and Kids in … Read more ›

Richard Laible and Dennis DeBondt at The Laughing Chameleon

Dennis DeBondt and Richard Laible at The Laughing Chameleon

The Famous Brothers, Comedy and Quality Music at The Laughing Chameleon.

The Famous Brothers perform Wednesday, April 25th 8PM at The Laughing Chameleon, in the Glen.  $10 in advance/ $12 at the door www.thelaughingchameleon.com

Will Clinger, Former Star of Wild Chicago, With the Skinny on The Famous Brothers

Will Clinger is probably best known as the host of Wild Chicago, a TV program that looked at the offbeat side of the city and … Read more ›


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