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Kathy Mordini

Kathy Mordini is a freelance writer.

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Reese is one of the many dogs rescued from a high kill shelter by Dog Patch Pet and Feed.

Naperville pet store owner wins Kindness to Animals award

The owner of Naperville’s oldest pet store will be honored Mother’s Day weekend for his move to stop selling puppies at his store and opting … Read more ›

Mothers in the Mills – Owner of Dog Patch Pet and Feed wins Kindness to Animals Award

Sue Yellen was inspired by her dogs Dunkin (pictured) and Izzy to start BumperPet.com and to give back to the animal rescue community.

Pet Partnerships – Illinois business helps rescues raise funds for the animals

As the economy continues its slow recovery, the organizations that rescue and find homes for dogs, cats and other critters continue to work wonders on … Read more ›

At the Northern Illinois Cat Clinic, cats are allowed to explore in the exam room to their heart's content.

Cat-Friendly Veterinary Medicine – A New Focus on the Family Cat

When was the last time you took your cat to the vet? Cats outnumber dogs as pets in America by 15 million but a new … Read more ›

Beer and Wine Tasting to Benefit Heartland Animal Shelter

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