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Karen Putz

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I'm a deaf mom to three deaf and hard of hearing kids. I blog for The Chicago Moms and work as a Sales Manager for ZVRS.com. I also blog at A Deaf Mom Shares Her World (www.deafmomworld.com).

I went from hard of hearing to deaf in an instant when I was nineteen-- from a fall while barefoot water skiing. Twenty five years later, I'm back on the water barefooting again. My mentor is a 67-year-old gal, Judy Myers, who proves that you're never too old to play on the water.

You can find me chattering away @DeafMom on Twitter. Join the conversation!

If you have a story to share, I can be reached at karen(at)karenputz.com.

Stories & Events

A Smart911 profile

Smart911, Enhanced Services

Imagine dialing 9-1-1 but not being able to speak. For many of my deaf friends, this is a reality. If they were to dial 9-1-1, … Read more ›

Mark Levin, Sean Forbes and Jake Bass

Deaf Musicians Rock Chicago

The century-old building was shaking Friday night at Columbia College. On the stage were three guys: Mark Levin on guitar, Jake Bass on the keyboard … Read more ›


Captioning the World, One Word at a Time

I remember the very first closed-captioning box, a special-order device that was sold at Sears. The purchase set my parents back several hundred dollars, but … Read more ›

The Hinsdale South Academic Bowl Team

Deaf Team Competes at Academic Bowl

For four long days, I watched my daughter answer question after question during the Academic Bowl held at Gallaudet University. By the end of each … Read more ›

Health and fitness
shadows deaf

HearingLikeMe, A New Hearing Loss Site

HearingLikeMe is a new site on the web that aims to build a community around those touched by hearing loss. This includes deaf and hard … Read more ›

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  1. @brownleaves30 Thanks, Bill, I’ll contact the staff and we’ll get it figured out. :)

    Posted to Resolutions for the New Year - Bolingbrook

  2. Ooooo, he got you good! I always fear going shopping with my youngest kiddo, he’s the master of junk food and always manages to hide a box of Fruit Gushers in the cart.

    Posted to Bobblehead Dad: Life in Aisle 9 - Wilmette & Kenilworth

  3. @anniesells Thank you for your comment, Annie. Cool to see that we think alike! :)

    Posted to Social Media — It's About Connecting - Bolingbrook

  4. Leo, thanks for sharing and making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. My hope is that someday, there will be barrier-free living everywhere.

    Posted to Through experience, man helps the disabled live without barriers - Evanston

  5. @jachavez64 Thanks for your wonderful comment, Julie! I love that the word “can’t” doesn’t exist in your vocabulary. :)

    Posted to The Importance of Role Models - Bolingbrook

  6. Cool to see sign classes– ASL is the fourth most popular language in the US. :)

    Posted to Classes That Make a Difference - Arlington Heights

  7. Absolutely, Barb!

    Posted to Barefoot Water Skiing with a Senior Citizen - Bolingbrook

  8. I’ll be a crying mess in a year when my first-born goes off to college!

    Posted to Bobblehead Dad: Cry Baby - Algonquin

  9. I’ll be a crying mess in a year when my first-born goes off to college!

    Posted to Bobblehead Dad: Cry Baby - Antioch & Fox Lake

  10. I’ll be a crying mess in a year when my first-born goes off to college!

    Posted to Bobblehead Dad: Cry Baby - Arlington Heights