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Administer Justice

Administer Justice is a Christian legal aid organization offering free legal assistance and other services to low-income and no-income residents in Kane County and surrounding areas. Supported almost entirely by private, church, and corporate donations, a recent audit confirmed that 94 cents out of every dollar given goes directly into its programs and services for the poor. With its main office in Elgin and 3 branch locations in Kane and DuPage Counties, Administer Justice provides low-income and no-income individuals with access to equal justice on civil matters, tax controversy settlement, family law, identity theft, fraud, consumer matters, and more. Appointments are available by appointment, and income qualifications must be met.

Stories & Events

Legal Aid Fundraising Banquet with Dr. Erwin Lutzer

Pastor Appreciation Breakfast

Dr. Erwin Lutzer will speak at local legal aid banquet 11/10.

Dr. Erwin Lutzer to speak at Legal Aid Banquet 11/10

Administer Justice, a Christian Legal Aid organization headquartered in Elgin, will host its annual fundraising banquet on Thursday, November 10, in the Drury Lane Grand … Read more ›


Elgin Legal Aid to Host Pastor Appreciation Breakfast

Administer Justice, a charitable legal aid organization, will host its annual Pastor Appreciation Breakfast on Wednesday, October 12, at 8 am. Executive Director Bruce Strom … Read more ›


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