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Joliet Public Library

Joliet Public Library offers many free services and events to the community. Visit our website for more information www.jolietlibrary.org

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Dominate Your Barbeque Grill

Children and family
sheila ST

Joliet Library: Source for Free Summer Events!

Last year approximately 4,000 children, teens, and adults participated in Joliet Public Library‚Äôs annual Summer Reading Program, an event intended to promote literacy and encourage … Read more ›

Organizing for Everyone


System Upgrade at Joliet Public Library

Joliet Public Library has partnered with five other libraries to form the Pinnacle Library Cooperative and will be converting to a new catalog that will … Read more ›

Children and family
Darth V

May the Force Be With You!

Joliet Public Library hosts third annual Star Wars Day featuring over 30 costumed characters from the Star Wars Universe including fan favorites Darth Vader, Luke … Read more ›


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