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2012 Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge

Intellectual Disabilities Drive Fund – Tootsie Roll Day

1st Annual Family German Dinner

Blood Drive

2nd Annual Pink Night Breast Cancer Resources Fundraiser

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  1. In Ireland, and elsewhere amongst the REAL Irish, and Irish speakers, they know that “Erin Go Bragh” – Ireland Forever – is not grammatically correct. It should be “Eire Go Bragh, the subject being nominative in Irish, not genitive, or really genitive plural.

    Posted to TribLocal picks: Favorite St. Patrick’s Day songs - Elgin

  2. Don & Mary…enjoy your retirement, you deserve it!

    Posted to Portrait Studio Closing Feb. 28th - Geneva

  3. @johnwalsh2 We could EASILY make up for the revenue “lost” in internet sales by being FAIR about our tax structures in Illinois and charge Sears and Amoco and NAVISTAR and all the other “Romney’s People” – then our state wouldn’t be bankrupt and you and I could enjoy our GOOD DEALS on Amazon. Becky Anderson has to wake up and recognize capitalism when she encounters it !!

    Posted to Sen. Durbin pushes Internet sales tax legislation in Naperville - Naperville

  4. Illinois is losing $183 million annually in uncollected sales taxes from online retailers.

    These are not new taxes, the law alredy exists that require internet retailers to collect the sales tax and pay the state of the purchase. But there’s currently no way to enforce that law.

    Internet retailers, like Amazon, are depriving Illinois and your local community needed tax revenue. Guess who has to make up the difference?

    Posted to Sen. Durbin pushes Internet sales tax legislation in Naperville - Naperville

  5. The St. Thomas Knights of Columbus will have their world famous “Bratmobile” at Crystal Lake’s National Night Out on Saturday. Brats, Hot Dogs, Burgers, soda and more will be offered.

    Posted to Municipalities gear up for annual night out against crime - Crystal Lake

  6. Throw the bum out! Joe Walsh’s congressional record, supports the Paul Ryan Republican budget, that cuts funding for scholarships for higher education.

    Posted to Rep. Walsh makes special visit to MCC - Crystal Lake

  7. That’s BS Sheriff. My tax-paying company has never paid me to appear in a parade.

    Posted to Paid to parade: Indictment questions line between politics, government - McHenry