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Jim Higley is the Bobblehead Dad - writer, speaker, life observer and cancer warrior. A single father raising three kids, Jim’s first book “Bobblehead Dad: 25 Life Lessons I Forgot I Knew” is an inspirational account of one dad's extraordinary journey through cancer, fatherhood and several forgotten life lessons.

In addition to Jim's weekly column, Bobblehead Dad, in TribLocal, he is also a contributing writer for DadsGood: The Best of Daddy Bloggers, and is a featured contributor for Man of the House. He also is a contributor to NBC/Universal's iVillage as an iVoice and is the host of a weekly radio show, Bobblehead Dad.

You can read more from him at www.BobbleheadDad.com.

Jim’s also the inaugural winner of the World’s Greatest Dad Challenge, sponsored by Man of the House. His kids, however, are requesting a recount.

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Children and family
Photo Courtesy of Gregory Slayton

Bobblehead Dad: Be a Better Dad Today

Not a day goes by that I don't get to hang out with a dad who inspires me. Yesterday, I was able to spend some … Read more ›

Children and family
Photo: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Bobblehead Dad: One Parent's Thoughts on Teen Alcohol and Drug Use

Teenage drug and alcohol use. Just writing those words brings me a sense of unrest. Maybe it’s because the more I learn, the more I … Read more ›

Children and family
Photo Courtesy of the United Nations Foundation

Bobblehead Dad: We Can Save 1.7 Million Children

I recently took my teenage son to the pediatrician for an annual check-up. Driving to the doctor’s office, my son asked, “Do I have to … Read more › 1 comment

Children and family
Photo by Stuart Miles

Bobblehead Dad: The Price of Prom

Ka-ching! It's prom time! Having now safely navigated two of my three kids through this rite of passage, I can honestly say I'm enjoying a … Read more ›

Children and family
Photo by Robert Nilson

Bobblehead Dad: When a Child Dies

(Join me, please, in remembering and honoring the life of this child. He was taken from his family at far too young an age.) A … Read more ›


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