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  1. What is buying votes in Naperville is the 2.9 million SECA funds (a tax created in 2004) robbimg one group of citizens to support council cronies and organizations to vote for them. Smart meters are a great example of crony capitalism!

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  2. Sounds exactly like the smart meter fiasco being shoved down your throats without having a say! Just follow the money to see who benefits.

    One thing for sure is Naperville is broke and I suspect Bolingbrook is also. Instead of paying off their huge pension and bond liabilities they just can’t wait to spend more of OUR money!

    Why don’t you folks demand a referendum on the ballot in Nov. Don’t be suckered, as we were, by being disenfranchised, at the very last minute, after getting 4200 signatures to have the issue on the March ballot. Instead ,demand that council put the issue on the ballot then you will see who is really behind it.

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  3. They should have a second referendum that says all the crooked, collusive and fraudulent schemes to double pensions by the politicians and their cronies including city union leaders, school administrators and teachers etc. should be clawed back and their pensions recalculated to eliminate double and triple dipping, phony increase in salary in their last year of work and a baker’s dozens of other con jobs to raise pensions.

    Instead these bums will again go after the little guys and cut their meager pensions to support the political corrupt elitist. Try starting with Daley and work your way down through the IL’s 8,500 government cities, agencies, authorities etc. Clean this cesspool of pension corruption up first then go after the rest!

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  4. Wait until all the big refineries in Phila. and NJ close in Jun and July. Gas will go up to 6 bucks or higher a gallon.

    All part of big government plan to shut down ALL carbon based fuels and drive electricity rates up by double using mandatory installation of things like smart meters!

    Posted to U.S. gas prices see first drop since December; Chicago still highest - Wheaton

  5. Ear marks by any other name are still ear marks and the gateway to corruption by political elites for wealth redistribution to their cronys.

    There shouldn’t be a SECA fund in the first place! This slush fund just gets bigger each year and makes Naperville less competitive like all taxes do.

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  6. Same BS that Naperville pulled with the smart meter petition. This is government by government for government which makes it impossible to get ride of the cooks and bums in both parties!

    Posted to Cunningham again off 11th Congressional District ballot — for now - Aurora

  7. Since when does the school system double as a day care center? This is just another union ploy to increase membership/dues at our expense with the collusion of the school board who the union got elected.

    Over 45% of the citizens of Naperville have no children in the school system and 78% of their tax supports these school eletist (Board, Administrators,Teachers and their union)

    Time to replace these people with ones who understand what a school system is suppose to do. Educate our kids not replace the family.

    It is not to harbor aliens, provide three meals a day, institute hispanic language to all students, pay a teacher 150k to run a driver ed program etc,etc, The list can go on and on but most people will get the point.

    Posted to District 203 Exploring All Day Kindergarten as a Response to the Common Core State Standards - Naperville

  8. Truth in Government (last council meeting address)
    I speak for myself and some of our members when I say:
    We believe that a city agency (our electric company) which is worth 1/3 of a billion dollars and controls one of life’s essentials (electricity) needs active oversight and restriction on citizen’s abuse.
    We believe this group in collusion with the city manager’s office is deliberately hiding cost over runs with respect to installation and support of smart meters.
    We believe an independent audit of materials and labor charged to various city cost centers and electrical funds will show inappropriate posting of personnel, operation and maintenance plus education costs to non-smart meter accounts.
    We believe such areas as street light maintenance are and have been used to hide some of the costs of tropos and other web net labor and equipment.
    We believe the electric utility group will bury the cost of replacing defective smart meters and their transmitters/receivers and this cost will annually be 20 times higher than the cost of the analog meters.
    We believe the new rate structure proposed in June will substantially raise the service/ meter charge and the electric tax in order to hold KWH cost increase to only 2%.
    We believe electric rates are just another means to gouge the tax paying citizens and to expand an ever growing bureaucracy of civil servants and political elites.
    We believe, if the citizens of this great city had their choice, WHICH YOU HAVE DEPRIVED THEM OF, would have refused this project by a four to one margin.
    We believe you will subsidize and bury additional significant costs for such things as electric car charging stations, wind turbines and solar panels not to mention yard waste conversion plants into our electric rate structure instead of letting the free market prevail.
    Lastly, we believe this city government needs the active review and oversight of involved citizens to insure it does not add to the deplorable image of being the most corrupt state in the nation. The Chicago way will not be the Naperville way!
    To that end we will continue our FOIA requests, take appropriate legal action when necessary, advocate for politicians that represent the people’s needs and concerns and keep a much more critical eye on what you are doing both present and in the future.

    Posted to Smart meter installation tops 7K - Naperville

  9. Although, it is disappointing to have the judge parrot the same arguments of the Naperville Election board comprised of the mayor, one of his appointed employees and a council member this loss is not only ours but the citizens of Naperville who have been deprived of having a voice in what their government does to them.

    Ask not for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee because when big government marshals all of its considerable resources against its citizens the people are the losers.

    This in no way changes the core issues of smart meters which are financially irresponsible, potential health ,fire and safety hazards, are hackable minicomputers which have mean time between failure rates ten times that of analog meters, abrogates your fourth amendment rights and make a few people rich at the expense of the many.

    Posted to UPDATE: Court rejects effort to put smart meters on ballot - Naperville

  10. Just more money to feed the big government hog who will eat everything until there is no more free people who arn’t bankrupt.

    This state is lossing people and business and citizen daily and all these clowns can think of is to take more.

    Posted to Sen. Durbin pushes Internet sales tax legislation in Naperville - Naperville

  11. People will always have a right to say no as long as this is a free country and they have property rights. The proper way for the city of Naperville to have addressed this issue was to say we will not give you electric service unless you have a smart meter. They won’t do it because as a monopoly they could and would be sued.

    The city and its owned electric unit will be sued when the cases begin to flood in on health, security, fires, chronic and prolonged outages and time of use rates just to mention a few. To put all our residents through this totally unjustified fiasco to solve a non-problem and make a few people rich is ludicrous.

    So instead unelected bureaucrats in collusion with the industry cabal and a few politicians will plead, cajole, beg than threaten you with unjustifiable charges (extortion), fines, police, etc. and use useful idiots and twerpy twits like O’Shea to demean, debase and ridicule people who want to exercise their rights.

    Freedom is lost one step at a time and this project is a giant leap into the abyss.

    Posted to Smart meter scofflaws could face fines - Naperville

  12. Did you know it takes three times more signatures to get a nonbinding resolution on the ballad than it takes for these councilmen to get their reelection petitions on the ballad. Did you know council could if they wanted to put on the ballad, without any petitions,the question “Do you want smart meters yes or no”.
    It is obvious they want to exclude the 3700 other Naperville citizen voters from the right to have their grievances addressed via the ballad box. Take heart good, tax paying, citizens of Naperville your voices will be heard in the court of public opinion and where applicable the courts since our Naperville councilmen only want to shut you down and deprive you of your first and fourth amendment rights!

    Posted to Electoral board rules against smart meter opponents - Naperville

  13. This will be the result.
    Vote- two to one against putting the referendum on the ballad, maybe even three to one against. The commission chairman and his voting employee are a guaranteed two votes.
    The board agonized over the past two weeks doing everything humanly possible to adjudicate these issues in a fair unbiased manner; after all we dismissed three out of the four complaints didn’t we?
    Unfortunately the data supplied by both Will and DuPage counties indicated there were 10% invalid signatures and consequently there are not enough petitioners to get the nonbinding referendum on the ballad. The fact that no one knows what data these voter rolls represent (AS OF WHEN) nor no one could contest these postings makes no difference.
    Who is kidding who? This charade is a disgrace and not worthy of our great city.

    Posted to Referendum Objection Proceedings Continuing on Thursday, January 12 at 1 p.m. - Naperville

  14. @jerry35 The reason media will not carry negative smart meter news is because of the Energy Independence and Secuirty Act of 2007/Title VIII/Subtitle A, Sec.801. It’s called National Media Campaign. The Federal government is giving money to any organization for the promotion of efficiency. We all know that smart meters have nothing to do with energy efficiency, but that’s how they’re being touted by the power companies. So, if you’re in the media and should happen to put out a negative smart meter report, it would be a big no-no and your free dollars will be cut off.

    Posted to Electoral board expects to rule on smart meter referendum Thursday - Naperville

  15. It is disappointing that a three member board, one of which is a city employee reporting to the chairman of this board, appointed by him and who supports the smart meters, will make the final decision on whether this nonbinding referendum will be on the March ballad. Does anyone really believe when the final vote is taken it will be for the referendum being put on the ballad?
    Why isn’t organization like the League of Women voters, the ACLU, Naperville Republican Party and other civic Naperville organization as well as the local papers expressing outrage over the disenfranchisement of Naperville voters and their right under the first amendment to redress grievances towards their government?
    Freedom is lost one step at a time and to allow big government/lobbyist/and a few politicians to apply the full weight of government using your tax dollars to suppress legitimate opposition to what is obviously a scam through coercive and deceptive practices is a direct threat to your rights as guaranteed under the constitution.
    Regardless of how you feel about the meters you should be very concerned about protecting you right to dissent!

    Posted to Electoral board expects to rule on smart meter referendum Thursday - Naperville