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Leadership is like Playing Soccer: Plan, Practice and Sharpen- Robin Trehan

Being a great leader isn’t something that happens overnight. Sure, some people are born with the natural gift to lead, but many of us have … Read more ›


Leaders Cannot Resist Change That Is Necessary For Their Team’s Success- Robin Trehan

Leaders often need to be able to change on a dime. You have to be able to bend but not break. Often times there are … Read more ›


Leadership is Not Just About Climbing; It’s About Connecting, Too- Robin Trehan

Many leaders are so unremittingly focused on climbing the corporate ladder that they forget to connect with the people they lead along the way. What … Read more ›


Matching Employees with Key Strengths- Robin Trehan

In many companies you will find employees who do not enjoy what they are doing or are not good at what they do. More often … Read more ›


Failure Teaches Us More Than Success- Robin Trehan

We often learn some of our most valuable lessons and get our most valuable experiences in life from failure. Many would think that it is … Read more ›

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