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  1. Did Walshes tricorner hat mess up his hair? He looks crazy, even though he was trying hard to reign in it.

    Posted to Walsh, Duckworth spar on jobs, health care at first debate - Arlington Heights

  2. Bbbut I am a good Christian. This guy can’t be that stupid.

    Posted to Man who offered teens ride home says he was misportrayed - Barrington Area

  3. Education 1, Tea Party 0

    This is awesome.

    Posted to D220 wants to see Chinese Immersion continue - Barrington Area

  4. You folks that voted for Walsh can pat yourself on your back now.

    Posted to Federal government cuts Chinese Immersion grant - Barrington Area

  5. You guys know this is a possibility if you dont own the land. Sorry but why are you complaining to LCFPD? You are wasting everyones times because you’re upset.

    Posted to New forest preserve planned for Lake County leaves longtime campers up a creek - Antioch & Fox Lake

  6. hopefully he just runs away

    Posted to Rep. Joe Walsh to announce Monday where he’s running - McHenry

  7. hopefully he runs away

    Posted to Rep. Joe Walsh to announce Monday where he’s running - McHenry

  8. wow a govt entity using new revenue to maintain standard of living in a recession, good on ya

    Posted to Lake County taxes expected to increase slightly under $487 million budget passed Tuesday - Lake Forest

  9. A raccoon is more dangerous than a coyote

    Posted to Police issue advice for avoiding coyote encounters - Lombard

  10. walsh is a deadbeat, with his family and as a congressman, he was before he is now and always will be. Only good thing about walsh is he will be out of sight in about 1 year

    Posted to Walsh talks to high school students … who talk back - Mundelein