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Genene Murphy

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In another life, Genene Murphy worked in radio, public affairs and publishing. In this life, she rarely wears clothes requiring dry cleaning. She drinks more coffee than she should, threatens daily to go running, and writes to keep sane.

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How I remember Mary Ann (and maybe how you do, too).

Saying goodbye to Mary Ann, The Diet Coke Lady

Many didn't know her name. For the longest time, I didn’t either. Like Maggie Daley — one of Chicago’s most recognizable names — Mary Ann … Read more › 5 comments

Andy Ferraro (left), Greg Rodriguez (middle), and Todd Jones (right).

Diveheart: You can dive. Make no excuse.

Wearing a wetsuit, Greg breaks the surface laughing and asks if I’m “ready to go in?” I’m not sure what he means, so I look … Read more ›

Two more good people doing good work/Midwest Shelter For Homeless Veterans

Have heart? Help a vet

Thinking about this deadline, I woke to a Facebook message from a friend telling me about Mary Lothrop. When I asked around, it seemed everyone … Read more ›

Bees at work/The Morton Arboretum

The grace of nature, at a hive near you

Most days, my family seeks solace at The Morton Arboretum. It’s also a summer home to three million bees and more. So, I thought I’d … Read more › 2 comments


Hope, Help and Other Friends of Dementia

The first time I helped Grandma shower, she was in a wicked mood and hurled all kinds of insults I didn’t think she knew. She … Read more ›


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  1. Randy, your mom is a whole lot of awesome. Thank you so much for sharing her with me. My thoughts (and smiles) this morning are with her, and with you.

    Posted to Saying goodbye to Mary Ann, The Diet Coke Lady - Downers Grove

  2. @nealpaskvan You can meet Bronwyn next Friday, July 15, from noon to 3 p.m., at the Morton Arboretum bookstore. Bring your allergies, too. The honey will heal … and thanks so much for the note, Neal.

    Posted to The grace of nature, at a hive near you - Downers Grove

  3. Suzanne, yes, you are correct. AP Style demands the change, and thanks for the note.

    Posted to French Nuns Inspire More Than Sales at Farmer's Markets - Downers Grove