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Amy Wolgemuth Bordoni

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Amy Wolgemuth Bordoni is a writer who lives with a British guitarist and two young boys. She documents little things on her blog because, as we all know, the little things will have turned out to be the big things.

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Children and family

My Son Is Anticipating His First Birthday—at Age Five

My son turns five this month. Every morning after he asks me hopefully, “Mama no go to work today?” and I answer that unfortunately I … Read more ›


Finding Church in the Strangest Places

For 48 hours I have been filling a notebook with snippets of speech, quotes and book titles. I am in my happy place. I left … Read more ›

Children and family

What Losing a Doctor Costs

When the redbuds and the lilacs bloom, I’m always reminded of being pregnant. Very pregnant. Both my boys were due in early May and both … Read more ›

Children and family

Spring Break in St. Charles

Last weekend my seven year old and I went for a bike ride along the Fox River. We took the path from St. Charles to … Read more ›

Children and family

Want a Tidy House? Get a Job.

Two weeks into a full-time job and my house is neater than it’s ever been. It makes no sense, really. I’ve spent the last ten … Read more ›


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