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Crime and police
Scott Allen Rokita

Man charged with setting fire to mother’s garage, texting her threats, police say

A Chicago man, 41, who allegedly set fire to his mother’s garage in Bolingbrook and then anonymously sent threatening text messages to her was booked into the … Read more ›

Crime and police

Man with history of fighting with officers is charged after a similar event, and more

These arrests were taken from Will County Sheriff’s Police reports released May 9 and information from the Will County Adult Detention Facility and Will County … Read more ›

Crime and police
Sergiy V. Potapenko

Man charged with aggravated home fraud for failing to do contracting job

A 34-year-old Aurora man has been charged with aggravated home fraud involving a victim age 60 or older after allegedly taking $4,000 as a down … Read more ›

Crime and police
Greg A. Voegtlin

Jury convicts Lemont man of molesting teenage girl

A Will County jury this week convicted a 44-year-old Lemont man of molesting a teenage girl from 2003 to 2007. Greg A. Voegtlin of the 17200 block … Read more ›

Crime and police

Frankfort man arrested on outstanding warrant for aggravated battery, and more

These items were taken from Frankfort Police reports released May 9, Sheriff’s Police reports released May 9 and information from the Will County Circuit Clerk’s … Read more ›

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  1. The article written by @dennissullivan on August 9, 2011 at 1:19pm about the car accident taking place near Joliet.. well apparently the facts werent given to this writer correctly. The 21 yr old “passenger” was actually thrown from the motorcycle and was severely injured. The 24 yr old driver of the other car.. is actually 21.. the passenger is actually 24. Finally, the car was not oncoming. So how do I know this? Because Dennis Sullivan, I was in that accident. Nothing about i was precautionary.

    Posted to Police say woman ripped off registration stickers from 3 cars, and more - Joliet

  2. Excellent piece, @dennissullivan. Great to see our law enforcement people working together to protect our country’s residents. They worked swiftly.

    I was involved for many years with street gang outreach in central Illinois. Vice Lords, Latin Kings mostly. Difficult situations: Lots of young teens manipulated by older thugs. Still, no matter how awful their back story is, crime is crime.

    As far the derisive, uninformed editorial comment by @barbyr (Sally Ride), try Googling “transnational street gangs” as a contiguous phrase. It is the accurate term.

    Posted to Local men arrested in connection with transnational gang activity - Joliet