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  1. maybe with Cronin and Sandack working to pick a replacement a Democrat will now have a real voice.

    Posted to DuPage election commission chairman resigns - Wheaton

  2. Read the BGA report. It does not make a stand one way or the other as to whether it is a good policy or not. Your friend Mark Garrity has posted it on Patch:


    As usual, I have been out smarted. You have found me out. Where did I say I don’t see the dangers in conflicts of interest? I have alays been a proponent of Conflict policies. I agree with the Village of Downers Grove policy that Mayor Sandack worked under that describes a conflict of interest.
    I agree with the School Code that describes a conflict of interest. I believe that every elected official sould follow policies such as those.

    I even thought the Library policy that allowed Mrs. Dicola’s child to be hired, as long as the whole board approved was ok. Didn’t you? See:


    I assume we can stop all this nonsense, bring the D99 policy back to within legal limits and trust our elected official to be open and honest. If they are not, we will vote them out.

    Posted to School board looking to roll back nepotism policy - Downers Grove

  3. I have found some campaign finance policies adopted by the Village. None of which really apply to the Dist 99 situation. In fact, any village commissioner could vote on a collective bargaining agreement or even have family members hired by the village while they are sitting members.

    The village policies have no enforcement provisions. Why? Likely because some lawyer told them they violate State and Federal law. Local governments do not have authority to control election laws, again, that pesky constitution. Stop.

    Posted to School board looking to roll back nepotism policy - Downers Grove

  4. No. We hired him. He was the best candidate. We had no bus issues like Dist 99, 68 or 58 who hired a bus service ran by a member of the community. I have always said I think nepotism policies are dumb. It binds the hands of professional to hire the best person. If dist 99 doesn’t trust their own administration to hire the best candidates, that is there problem As always, you do not understand that it is the conflict of interest policy at issue not the nepotism policy. Really, you would think by now it would have become clear.

    Posted to School board looking to roll back nepotism policy - Downers Grove

  5. Mayor Sandack passed a campaign finance ordinance? Where is that found. I see a prohibited political activities ordinance and a Gift ban, but nothing else. Those of ourse were not unlike any in the stae as they are word for word what the State law was.

    The State gift ban was passed in 2003. See:

    5 ILCS 430/Art. 10

    As was the prohibited political activity Statute. See:

    5 ILCS 430/5‑15

    A trail blazer in ethics, I think not. It may be that the Village first adopted these under Mr. Sandack but, a “rigorous campaign finance ordinance unlike any in the state”? I think not.

    After all those years as Mayor, still no nepotism policy or Conflict of interest policy. Stop all the rhetoric.

    Posted to School board looking to roll back nepotism policy - Downers Grove

  6. Here is another point of view as to how this policy came to be. As a point of clarification, the nepotism policy does not seem to be an issue. Its the conflict of interest policy that seems to be the issue.

    http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2009-07-25/news/0907240295_1_board-members-school-board-board-meeting Also, the lawyer did state that the board has the right to adopt any policy they choose. He also said it may be unconstitutional and totally uneforceable. For example, Congress has the right to pass any law but, it may not withstand constitutional challenges. States can pass stringent laws that don’t pass muster too ( see Jim Crow laws). So, the right does not mean it should be done or that it is legal.

    I was looking for the nepotism policy on the Downers Grove village wesite. I don’t see one.

    Posted to School board looking to roll back nepotism policy - Downers Grove

  7. We cannot have a logical back and forth. Meghan, do you not understand the difference between nepotism and conflict of interest. They are seperate and distinct issues. The nepotism policy was changed to try to stop Deb from voting on a contract that her brother would be covered under. Him and hundreds of others. It is not a good policy because it ties the hands of professionals as I pointed out. You must not understand two level arguments.

    The conlict of interest policy, as amended, creates unnecessary friction between members. The School covers conflicts and the IASB policy is drawn in compliance with the code. It is apparent by the actions of certain BOE members that any chance to ease the friction would be good as some have trouble controlling themselves.

    Posted to Tempers flare over nepotism policy in D99 - Downers Grove

  8. Is Ms. Pavesich really going to say that Kieth Matune, a teacher in another district, has a conflict of interest because he is a member of another union? What is “indirect personal gain”? Under that perverted logic any member of a BOE who has a child in the district that voted on the budget would have “indirect personal gain” if any of the monies in the budget went to that child’s sport, teacher, band trip, etc. Really? Is she just kidding or is she that uninformed? All is ok though, she called another Board Member a “Bitc-”. Classic!

    Hey, Mr. White is an attorney. If he votes to approve paying the legal bill does he have a conflict? If the School paid for any insurance premiums for its employees and Nancy Kupka voted for it, is that a conflict? She is a nurse. That comment may be the best one of all from Mrs. Pavesich. I hope she runs for re-election, this could be fun.

    Posted to Tempers flare over nepotism policy in D99 - Downers Grove

  9. I am for giving the School the right to hire who they feel is best. For examle, the present policy allows a principal’s family member to be hired for any position. If a niece of a BOE member applies for a job as a teacher and is the most qualified, she should be hired. I am not for tying the hands of professionals to hire whom they believe are best suited to teach our children and run our Schools.

    The hiring of teachers, support staff, etc. are done at the building level and approved by the BOE. The school code does not allow for a BOE member to vote to hire a family member, that is a conflict. No overly drawn policy is needed.

    As usual, your definition of Nepotism is incorrect. Although you are no longer a member of the BOE, if you were really worrried about nepotism ,and not just what Deb is doing, you would have extended the nepotism policy to all administration and teachers as they have more say in hiring than does the BOE and Superintendent.

    Your arguments are, as always, simplistic and easily answered. Isn’t it time to just admit that the real reason for all this made up issue is that you, Terry and Julia dislike Debbie. Stop, you are embarrassing yourself.

    No answer to my questions? Figures.

    Posted to Tempers flare over nepotism policy in D99 - Downers Grove

  10. I will use my real name. Meghan, why do you continue to not understand that parents in this district do not agree with you or Terry. Revisionist history does not become you. The policy was changed when Debiie was running for political purposes. The change was not done to correspond to “current legal description” as none exist anywhere in the Laws of the State of Illinois. As you recall when this was being debated I provided a multi-page document outlining the Law in Illinois as it applies to nepotism and conflict of interest. The IASB has policies they recommend for School Boards that comply with Illinois Law. They do not recommend a nepotism policy. Most School Boards have none. Policies regarding conflicts of interest almost always adopt the language of the Illinois School Code. District 99 policies go well beyond the conflict language of the School Code, and are probably, therefore, unenforceable. Enough already. Stop the unprofessional, ridiculous, old, worn out, hate filled attacks.

    By the way, isn’t Nancy Kupka on the Policy committee also. Didn’t you support her? Interesting.

    Why do you support Terry? Do you think it is ok to call a fellow Board Member a “Bit–” in public. Very Classy.

    Two down, two to go. You chose not to run, so please go away.

    Posted to Tempers flare over nepotism policy in D99 - Downers Grove