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  1. @dajodane – Thanks. All of the injured have been released from the hospital. For some the healing will continue.The VFW staff, police officers and firefighter paramedics saved dozens of lives. They did an amazing job, Now the cleanup begins.

    Posted to Villa Park VFW Fire and Explosion Injures 14 - Villa Park

  2. Outstanding photos and coverage. I have not heard any news updates on the injured, I hope everyone survived.

    Posted to Villa Park VFW Fire and Explosion Injures 14 - Villa Park

  3. Welcome Home Billy. We are proud of you and so glad you are home. Thank you for serving for us.

    Posted to Welcome Home, Billy - Lombard

  4. Any chance it is an alligator someone released when their pet got too big?

    Posted to Unidentified Creatures Sighted in Twin Lakes - Villa Park

  5. What a wonderful idea from Paul. A great idea to take an unfortunate situation and turn it into a positive, teaching exhibit. I cant wait to see them in the Science Center.
    Paul and his crew do an excellent job of keeping the grounds looking magnificent. The campus is a true gem to walk thru and admire.

    Posted to Elmhurst College recycles fallen tree to teach history - Elmhurst

  6. This is horrific. I can’t help but think what was going thru those dogs minds. How truly devastating.

    Posted to Winnetka family mourns loss of dogs submerged in flooded basement - Winnetka & Northfield

  7. @stakprod Thank You! Coming from you that is a HUGE compliment. I have admired your work for a long time. Thank you again.

    Posted to Villa Park Annual Ice Cream Social - Villa Park