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Peeps' 5/8/2011

Best Dog in Arlington Hts.!

In Honor of my Mom who one day came home and said, she had found the best hotdogs. I was there on Mother's Day and … Read more ›

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  1. I grew up in Arlinton Hights. Went to Arlington High School and South Jr. High. My mom went to Peeps one day and came home saying , “I found the best place for hotdogs!” Ever since then there was never a hotdog made in our house without the celery salt and pickels. I was there on Mother’s Day, in Honor of my Mom who passed away in 6/03. I took a pic of my dog with the “Peeps” sign behind it..Many memmories to cherish. It’s amazing what a small trailer hotdog stand could bring into your “Life”. When they opened I bet they never thought what kind of impression they left in soo many people’s lives. We’ll be missed by many

    Posted to Peep’s lovers stop by for one last dog - Arlington Heights

  2. I Love thunderBabe!!

    Posted to The dog days of summer: Your canine photography - Winnetka & Northfield