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Children and family

Regrets, I Have a Few

This weekend is a time to celebrate motherhood. As a mom, I appreciate the attention but it also gives me a chance to reflect on … Read more ›

Food and drink


Contrary to what you might be thinking, this is not going to be a tribute to that one of a kind Motown singing group. No, … Read more ›


A Rose is a Rose

I hate to admit it but last night I wasted a couple of hours of my precious time on earth watching the finale of The … Read more ›

Children and family

Bye, Bye Birdie

I wonder if mother birds have any moments of regret as they push their little ones out of the nest. Are they enjoying their morning … Read more ›

Children and family

What Goes Around . . .

Forgive me while I snap out of a major case of deja vu. Conversations with your kids will do that to you. One minute I … Read more ›


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