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All Saints Catholic Academy delivers Easter baskets

All Saints Catholic Academy donates Easter Baskets By Christi Kluzak

ASCA Easter Basket Collection 2012 As part of the Lenten tradition at All Saints Catholic Academy in Naperville,the school families once again collected Easter Baskets … Read more ›

Mayor George Pradel talks about local government to the second grade students at All Saints Catholic Academy

Mayor George Pradel visits All Saint Catholic Academy

As part of their Social Studies unit on government, second grade students in Mrs. Jacqui Snyder's class invited Mayor George Pradel to All Saints to … Read more ›

Mrs. Maria Kazlauskas in computer lab with her All Saints students

Celebrating Hispanic heritage at All Saints Academy

Each year, the United States celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 – October 15. Enacted by President Lyndon Johnson in 1968 and expanded by … Read more ›

All Saints Academy students stand in their new Peace Garden.

All Saints Academy has new Peace Garden

The 30th anniversary of the International Day of Peace will be celebrated this year on September 21st. Peace Day will be celebrated globally with events … Read more ›

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