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Sharon Wollenberg

My dog walking and pet sitting services are designed to make your time away as easy and natural for your pets as possible. 4 Legs and a Leash is customized care for your pet. I treat every animal like my own.

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What Should I Get My Pet for the Holidays?

What Should I Get My Pet for the Holidays? Holidays are family events, and you may want to include your pets in the gift exchange. … Read more ›


Coyote Awareness

Coyote Awareness Several sightings of coyotes have been reported lately prompting a big concern. Coyotes are a permanent fixture in rural, suburban and urban areas. … Read more ›

I'll give your dog a new leash on life.

Winterizing your 4 Legged Family Members

Winter is around the corner and you will find your pet needs a little extra care from you. It’s best to be prepared for your … Read more ›

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