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What to Expect When You Apply for Mortgage Financing

What to Expect When You Apply for Mortgage Financing

What to Expect When You Apply for Mortgage Financing

So you've heard that applying for mortgages … and mortgage processing itself … is a pain in the tush, huh?

I cannot lie to you. It can be …

But I think that the stories circulating out there, heard over and over again, only contribute to perpetuating some of the problems. I believe that what an applicant hears and thinks prior to mortgage application can influence what occurs during their mortgage application.

How's that, you say? Let me explain …

These stories heard set expectations. They can serve to make applicants so fearful and uptight about the mortgage process that they sometimes LOOK for and EXPECT problems to occur.

And it's been my experience, that if the mindset is to expect trouble, troubles are usually found. Attitude and expectations often play a huge role in the eventual outcome.

Please believe me, I'm not trying to gloss over obvious and undeniable lending industry issues … the present process CAN be a royal pain. For ALL involved, whether Buyer or Professional.

The process of financing a home can, and is too often, tedious, repetitive, frustrating, and way too lengthy in duration. In comparison to the "easy-breezy" lending practices of the mid-2000's, today's mortgage applicants are asked to be far more engaged in a myriad of ways, and in every step of their mortgage process.

Applicants are likely to have to produce large amounts of financial documentation, offer clarity (both verbal and written) regarding that documentation, and much more. Some of which, at times, admittedly makes absolutely NO sense to have to supply. Yes, the Mortgage Process CAN be as guilty as accused.

But we've seen the results of the "easy-breezy". And it's not pretty. Too many people had to face financial hardships. Too many people still suffering.

It's my opinion that, if we want to truly protect Home Buyers … the process of borrowing large amounts of dollars to buy a home should NOT be "easy-breezy". There's too much at stake for them, both in dollars and their financial future. That's not to say though that I, as a Mortgage Lender shouldn't be pursuing ways to make it "easy-er" for them.

I've found that much of what makes the life of my mortgage applicants easy-er, can be summed-up pretty easily.

Potential Home Buyers should: Take simple steps to prepare themselves prior to application, educate themselves about the entire process of buying a home and financing that home, and set themselves realistic expectations as to what it will take on their part to accomplish their home buying, their mortgage application, and the processing of their mortgage to completion.

Yep … I said it. Some of the responsibility must be the mortgage applicant's. But should an applicant follow my advice and accomplish the 3 things I mention above, success should follow, in a majority of cases. Plus there will be fewer unhappy stories to pass on to others following them, deep-sixing a vicious cycle of doomed expectations.

So, to help you, the Buyer, to accomplish the education and preparation you need, I have included a few links (below) to some beneficial info. "Click" on the links provided and take a good look. Download the info and keep it for handy reference.

Keep in mind that your home buying and mortgage financing will be specific to YOUR financial scenario. More, or different info, may be required during your application and processing. But these links below should be a good and sound launching pad towards reaching your end goal. A successful mortgage closing and home purchase.

Please remember, should you have questions, please feel free to contact me for answers or assistance.

Information & Documentation Needed for Mortgage Application:

Mortgage Pre-Approval Application (Includes much of the info that will be required from you for actual mortgage ap):

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