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Can’t get away this year? Why not send the family pet on vacation?

So, you can’t get away from work. That’s no reason to deny your best friend a chance at a little time away, a vacation in … Read more ›

Daral J. Jackwood, Ph.D.
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Meet Dr. Daral J. Jackwood, Advocate of Open Access Science founder urges collaboration amongst researchers Lincolnshire, IL, June 12, 2012: Research – one of the most important drivers of progress in the modern world. … Read more ›

Investing in pet insurance could offset some healthcare costs for your cat.
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Ask The Vets: Should I get pet insurance for my cat?

Veterinary medicine in many cases is on par with human medicine. This means cats are living longer, happier and healthier lives. The recent improvements in … Read more ›

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Health Department Offers Low-Cost Pet Vaccination Clinics in June

The Lake County Health Department/Community Health Center’s Animal Care and Control Program is offering two low-cost pet vaccination clinics in June with one clinic focused … Read more ›

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Animal Health, Food Safety Fuel Collaboration On Open Access Science Forum

Daral J. Jackwood, PhD, The Center for Diagnostic Assays Lead Research Effort Lincolnshire, IL, May 15, 2012: Animal health and food safety: two very important … Read more ›

If your cat is overweight, work with your veterinarian to help your kitty safely lose weight.
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Ask the Vets – Is my cat too fat?

Obesity isn’t just a concern for people; it has become the top nutritional concern for cats across the U.S. as well. A survey of veterinarians … Read more ›

By making some changes in your lifestyle, you should be able to live with your cat and your allergies.
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Ask the Vets – I’ve just discovered I have allergies. What should I do about my cat?

According to a study conducted by the Humane Society of the United States, 15% of the U.S. population is allergic to cats or dogs. Just … Read more ›

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Ralph and his Board & Train experience at Aldens Kennels

My people, they’re getting up. Oh look, they’re putting their coats on. THEY’RE GOING OUT!! “Take me! Take me!” Oh, they’re not going to take … Read more ›

If you work with your cat, you can ease some of the stress related to the carrier. Toki is ready to explore after his trip in to the vet.
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Ask the Vets – Is it possible to get my cat more relaxed for the trip to the vet?

It’s time for your cat’s annual check-up and you face an uphill battle from the start. Your kitty fights going into the cat carrier, howls … Read more ›


2011 was most successful year for group that spays cats

A Lake County cat organization is celebrating a major milestone after helping more than 5,000 stray and feral cats since the group began a decade … Read more ›