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State parks could charge admission fees, under legislation the Illinois House passed

Visitors to Illinois state parks would face admission fees for the first time under legislation the Illinois House passed Monday. The bill would allow the … Read more ›

A chorus frog is no larger than a thumb when fully grown. (Sheryl DeVore/Tribune)

Chorus frogs signal spring

It’s no bigger than your thumb, but its song can resonate across the marshes.  In fact, when a group of these amphibians called chorus frogs … Read more ›

David Textly of Fort McCoy, WI presenting about integrated pest management of Leafy Spurge at the Invasive Plant Management Workshop hosted at the Chicago Botanic Garden in February of 2010. This workshop was attended by 200 land-managers, volunteer stewards, landscapers, right-of-way managers, and scientists.
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Regional Plant Partnership to Host Workshop on Invasive Plants

Want to learn more about regional invasive plants-what they are and how they can be controlled? If you are available on Tuesday, May 8th, then … Read more ›

Illinois Beach State Park Site Superintendent Greg Behm inspects some of the damage last summer after a storm downed downed hundreds of trees there. (Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune / July 15, 2011)

State park entrance fees backed

Illinois Beach State Park has been closed since a devastating storm last summer downed hundreds of trees, making it unsafe for visitors. But a proposed … Read more ›

White clover, a common edible weed in Illinois, is likely the species that sometimes produces four leaves, giving it the name four-leaf clover and supposedly giving the finder good luck. Tribune file photo

Four-leaf clover: Rare variation of a common, edible weed (and may be good luck)

That sometimes pesky white clover creeping into your grass in spring is the same plant that supposedly brings luck to those who find it in … Read more ›

Mike Iaconelli with two big tournament bass.   Photo by BASS and Rob Russow
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Is it Ike’s turn?

After a year of fishing in a variety of tournaments across the nation, 49 of the best anglers will finally compete in the 2012 Bassmaster … Read more ›

Oak Woodlands and Wild Hyacinth
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Restoring the Future: Saving the Oak Woodlands

Join the Lake-to-Prairie Chapter of Wild Ones and Ann Maine, President, Lake County Forest Preserve District, as she updates us on several major restoration projects … Read more ›

The Dokum-Mskoda Nature Preserve blooms with rare plants. (Submitted by the Liberty Prairie Conservancy)

A Lake County prairie gets state protection

It won’t overwhelm you like the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls. It’s not as big as Yellowstone Park. In fact, it’s probably not as large … Read more ›

Joan Sayre took this photo of a great horned owl in her Libertyville back yard. The adult owls raised two young, which she saw in early June two years ago.

Hooting great horned owls celebrate Valentine’s Day

Beneath a full moon on a cold, winter’s evening, the pair begins its courtship duet. Hoo hoo hoooo hooo hoo, he bellows atop a walnut … Read more ›

( Keri Wiginton, Chicago Tribune / January 24, 2012 )  Rob Carmichael, curator of the Wildlife Discovery Center in Lake Forest, shows a handful of rescued snakes now safely hibernating until spring in a wine chiller at the center.

Snakes saved from winter deep chill in Zion

Dozens of snakes slumbering the winter away underneath abandoned railroad tracks faced a wake-up call that could have proved fatal. A construction crew was preparing … Read more ›