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Home and garden

Linda Haas, owner of Tree Star Hollow, stands in front of a collection of fairy garden houses. Haas uses largely natural materials, but likes to include other small objects she picks up at flea markets or estates sales. “I like to think of the fairies as scavengers bringing back things to their homes from time to time,” she said smiling. (Patricia MacMillan/TribLocal photo)

Fairy gardens: A big trend in miniatures

Volunteers toss food to the chickens at the Prairie Crossing Learning Farm in Grayslake. (Sheryl DeVore/Tribune)

Down on the farm with the chickens

Debbie Dolecki of the Villa Park area took this photo of a flower in full bloom and one just starting to open.

Spring flower power from TribLocal contributors

The Gardeners of Central Lake County member displays an orchid at a meeting.

Orchids and baskets: Gardeners of Central Lake County

Using opposing colors will create movement in the room.
From the community

Adorn: Skip the wallpaper, try some stencils

Additional mulch protection around the root systems helps hold the moisture in the soil
From the community

One more drink — for your evergreens!

A ghoul with a red head hangs from a tree in Lake County.

Ghouls hanging around Lake County

From the community

Garden watering tools used by the experts


Nature Notes: Fledgling birds out and about