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Paying Forward for Dad this Father's Day

A Father’s Day Card for Her Dad


I stink at these holidays. I generally fail to send a card, so I wind up calling you on the phone late in the day. I’m a failure at holiday-invoked expressions of feeling. So this year, I’m taking a different tack and amplifying my Father’s Day message out into the public domain. You’ll either love it or be mortified.

Thank you. There is no way to effectively repay or adequately honor all that you’ve done for me over the course of time. From before I was born, you were planning for my security and my future. All my life you’ve believed in me, supported my dreams, picked me up when I fell, stood up for me, run interference, and never flagged in your ardent belief in me. You haven’t always understood my choices or even the specifics of my career, but you’ve been in my corner, always.

I know I’m not the only one with a dad as great as you, but you’re mine and I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world. You’re the one I argue with most in the world and you’re the one whose opinion I value. We often disagree, coming at things from opposite sides of the equation and opposite sides of the brain. Let’s never stop that.

I know too well that not everyone has the benefit of a dad like you, so this Father’s Day, I’m going to honor you by paying forward the fierce belief you have in your children. I’m going to help someone else who needs to know that someone’s in her corner and supporting her dreams.

As a tribute to you, I’m going to contribute to help meet Jean’s need at – a website that gives people the opportunity to help low-income individuals overcome hurdles. I feel compelled to help Jean because as a single mom she’s striving to be a nurse, and what’s holding her back is so basic – she needs special contacts to manage her eye condition just so she can see to study. I was a medical mess when I was young – glasses, braces, a back brace for scoliosis – and you shelled out a bunch for all those things and never, never made me feel that it was difficult or an imposition. Now that I’m a parent and paying for braces and sports and supplies, I see how difficult it really is.

So, this Father’s Day, your parenting extends beyond me, through me, and on to Jean. She can use some of your brand of belief and support right now, and we’ll help her together.

- megan kashner, founder & ceo, daughter of howard kashner

To pay it forward in honor of your Dad this Father's Day:

1) Contribute to any need on the site

2) Send us a quick email to and let us know:

– your dad's name,

– his email address (or snail mail address if you'd rather we send a card), and

– a note you'd like us to include to your Dad with the note he receives from us letting him know you’ve made a gift in his name. is a groundbreaking nonprofit website that utilizes a social media model to connect people who face hurdles along their paths to stability with people who want to help. Unlike traditional giving, Benevolent provides a platform for direct personal connection between individuals coupled with the security of a trusted validation process, possible only through its partnerships with local nonprofits.

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