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Animal Health, Food Safety Fuel Collaboration On Open Access Science Forum


Daral J. Jackwood, PhD, The Center for Diagnostic Assays Lead Research Effort

Lincolnshire, IL, May 15, 2012: Animal health and food safety: two very important concerns in today’s world. Global commerce requires an increasingly vigilant approach to protect the food chain, especially regarding food products from animals.

Imagine a world where the scientific community collaborates on the results from their research – an open access forum with researchers from around the world. That world is destined to become reality, thanks to the work of Daral J. Jackwood, PhD. Dr. Jackwood is the Director of The Center for Diagnostic Assays at The Ohio State University and Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center in Wooster, OH.

Dr. Jackwood is leading efforts to encourage researchers to adopt open access science in the fields of animal health and food safety through the Center’s This unique forum is dedicated to advancing open access science within the community of infectious disease investigators. Professionals utilize these forums to share discoveries, seek insight and advance the field of animal disease diagnostics in order to ensure the safety of the world's food supply.

“ is more than just an eMail listserv,” according to Dr. Jackwood. “ provides an opportunity to create a database of diagnostic information that is searchable and available to everyone. Participating researchers will stay better informed about animal health issues and new diagnostic assays. They can also exchange ideas on how to more effectively and efficiently conduct diagnostic assays by interacting with colleagues on diagnostic issues related to food safety. was created in 2008 to help these professionals collaborate regarding diagnostic assays by interacting with colleagues on issues related to animal health and food safety. The worldwide approach will help facilitate the exchange of ideas on how to stay better informed about new and emerging diseases – an approach designed to improve food safety by enhancing animal health. To that end, the forum invites participation by diagnostic professionals from around the world.

“ is designed to provide a single vehicle through which the worldwide scientific community can gather to discuss issues relevant to infectious disease diagnostics in the area of food safety, food animals and environmental safety,” Dr. Jackwood continued. “We’re inviting researchers to participate in this open access online community so we all might better understand the meaning and value of diagnostic assay results – all in a secure, members-only forum.”

For more information about, please contact Daral J. Jackwood, Ph.D., by eMail at, or by phone at 330.263.3964. Dr. Jackwood is available for interviews with media, as well as professionals in the research community.

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