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Free Parent Education Night

Free Parent Education Night
For Parents of Preschoolers & School Age Children
Tuesday March 13 7:30-9:00 pm

Parenting from the Heart

A Path to Connection and Peace
•Foster trust, respect &cooperation between parent & child
•Motivate children without using fear/rewards or guilt
•Attend to children's emotional and learning needs
•Resolve conflicts peacefully
•Create a culture of compassion and emotional safety
•Clearly communicate what you value
Speaker Leslie Ritter-Jenkins applies the steps of Parenting from the Heart to the challenges of everyday parenting without resorting to 'power over' strategies. A simple yet profound approach, Parenting from the Heart offers a few easily remembered steps that have immediate results for easing interactions while allowing children their potential. It is a life changing model that allows parents to connect more deeply with themselves, their children, spouses, and the community, peacefully and with joy.

This Event is Free & Open to the Public.
Adults only please.
Sponsored by Lincolnshire Community Nursery School
30 Riverwoods Road Lincolnshire 847.945.1450

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