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Lake County LCTV Video Newsletter



Join us as we take a look back at the top videos of 2011! If you missed any of these videos throughout the year, please take a moment to watch them now.

Budget & Services
To kick it off, take a look at what Lake County does for you in our Budget & Services video.

After watching this video, Lake County Board Chairman David Stolman said, "I'm really proud of our Lake County employees and the services they deliver throughout the year. I love this video because it spotlights more than 150 people who have devoted their careers to serving the people of Lake County."

Property Tax & Assessment Facts

Property taxes and assessments is a complex topic and impacts every property owner. It's no wonder this was the top viewed video of 2011.

In this video, a panel of Lake County officials involved in this process provide valuable information to property owners and discuss the resources available to them.

Behind the Badge: Heroin

In 2010, there were 35 heroin related deaths in Lake county – triple the amount from three years prior. In this edition of "Behind the Badge," Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran, along with narcotics officers, and recovering heroin addicts take us undercover to give an inside look at the heroin problem in Lake County.

Lisa Renley, LCTV said, "Riding along with Sheriff's detectives is something I will never forget. Nothing in this video was 'set-up' or 'staged'. LCTV cameras were rolling during actual undercover operations."

For the full list, view the 2011 Video Newsletter

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