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Scott Drury Announces Candidacy For Lake County State's Attorney


HIGHWOOD AND WAUKEGAN, IL (August 9-10, 2011) – Former Assistant U.S. Attorney, Scott Drury announced his candidacy for Lake County State’s Attorney at an event for family, friends and supporters on Monday night in his hometown of Highwood, where hundreds of people came out in the rain to show their support. He continued his campaign launch activities with a Waukegan restaurant tour on Tuesday.
Drury describes the current State’s Attorney’s Office as “a broken culture that, for decades, has pretended to promote justice while actually perverting it . . . more interested in protecting itself than protecting you.”
Drury explains that the State’s Attorney’s Office has wrongly taught young prosecutors that their job is to seek convictions at all costs. He cites Jerry Hobbs — the father who was wrongly imprisoned for five years, who was falsely accused of killing his daughter and her friends – as an example of how the current “culture” seeks convictions even when the evidence shows that the person is innocent. “Some of those prosecutors, trained in those wrongful ways, now want to be your State’s Attorney. But we have the power to stop that. We have the power to say enough is enough. We can do better. We demand better. We will not settle for second rate.”
Drury felt the problems with the State’s Attorney’s office got so bad, that he had to make a choice, “do I leave the job that I love to run for State’s Attorney in order to fix Lake County’s broken justice system, or do I sit on the sidelines and complain?” For him, the choice was clear.
Drury gave up his career at the U.S. Attorney’s Office to bring change to the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office, and make it a shining example of what a State’s Attorney’s Office should be. “Unlike the band-aid approaches announced by others, my approach to change cuts much deeper,” says Drury.
Drury will not tolerate wrongful prosecutions and he believes the refusal of the current office to consider DNA evidence is just plain wrong. “But others who want to cure the ills of the State’s Attorney’s Office simply by attacking those problems will have no more success than a doctor who removes the visible part of a tumor while leaving the rest of it to keep growing inside of you.”
Drury states, “The State’s Attorney’s Office needs a cultural change that no one who worked there – no one with ties to the current office – can bring. The problem with the office is not a botched investigation here or a wrongful prosecution there. The problem with the office is that it lacks credibility and has lost its most powerful weapon – public trust.”
Drury has the experience to establish this trust and take the necessary steps to restore justice to Lake County. As a federal prosecutor, Drury sent the message that no one is above the law – prosecuting and convicting violent criminals, drug dealers, pedophiles, millionaire scam-artists and corrupt politicians.
Adding humor to an otherwise serious speech, Drury followed his formal announcement with reference to popular culture, “… in the words of Wayne and Garth – GAME ON.”

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