Centre Club Offers Fitness Tips

Centre Club - the full service health and fitness facitlity owned by Advocate Condell Medical Center, located in Libertyville at 200 W. Golf Rd. and in Gurnee at 1405 Hunt CLub Rd., will begin offering weekly Fitness Tips on proper exercise techniques, nutritional information and motivational ideas for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Lower Body Stretches

Warm-up 5-10 minutes prior to stretching.
Isolate the muscle group to be stretched.
Breathe normally and freely, but accentuate the exhalation when moving deeper into the stretch.
Hold stretch between 30 and 60 seconds, then repeat.
Do not strain or actively force a joint beyond its normal range of motion (keep it gentle).
Come out of the stretch as carefully as you went into it.

Benefits of Stretching:
Maintain functional flexibility and enhance physical fitness.
Increase body awareness and relaxation.
Reduce the risk of injury.
Reduce muscular tension.

Centre Clubs Libertyville and Gurnee offer one-on-one personal training as well as small group and programming options. Please call Member Services for information in Libertyville at 857.990.5757 or in Gurnee at 847.625.4757.


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