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APA 5 Star Approval
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American Pet Association Accreditation to Local Pet Sitting Service

Shannon's Pet-Sitting received the only Business Approval that includes Humane Treatment of Animals, Cleanliness and Safety of Facility AND Ethical Business Practices of the Owner … Read more ›

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How about sending the dog to Behavior College for Valentine’s Day?

Trying to think of just the right gift for Valentine’s Day? Want to give something that won’t wilt as fast as the usual bouquet of … Read more ›

A guest at Aldens Kennels Kitty Condo expresses her pleasure with the 4-Star accomodations.
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Aldens Kennels offers Kitty Condo boarding alternative and equity with K9s

Dogs are so lucky. When they stay at Aldens Kennels, 6810 Barnard Mill Road, they have access to nature walks, treadmill exercise, playtime even cookies … Read more ›

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Serene nature walk apparent with Aldens Kennels video

As Al Domrase, owner of Aldens Kennels, 6810 Barnard Mill Road, Ringwood, puts it, “Winter or Summer, your dog needs a vacation, too.” And that’s … Read more ›

Bambi and Centipede
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Bambi and the Centipede – Aldens Kennels Pomeranian knows how to have fun

For some, boredom sets in as soon as they click off the video-game console. There are some, however, who don’t require electronic gadgetry to remain … Read more ›

Darius Kidd, the new dog trainer at Aldens Kennels and a descendent of notorious Captain Kidd, spends some time playing with his dog, Delilah.
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Argh maties – a touch of Captain Kidd comes to Aldens Kennels

Aldens Kennels, 6810 Barnard Mill Road, Ringwood, is known for going to any length to provide the best and most promising dog trainers for their … Read more ›

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50% off Dog or Cat Care Visit ($20 Value)

50% off Dog or Cat Care Visit ($20 Value)Regular Price: $20.00Our Price: $10.00Your Savings: $10.00 (50%) Looking into a pet’s big, pleading eyes can make … Read more ›

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Aldens Kennels offers home-away-from-home conveniently located between Chicagoland and Lake Geneva

Ringwood based Aldens Kennels offers unprecedented levels of quality and comfort to their guests – dogs and cats from around Illinois and the Chicago area. … Read more ›

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Aldens Kennels stretches Cyber Monday through New Years for dog training discount

When Aldens Kennels, 6810 Barnard Mill Road, Ringwood, offered a $200 Cyber-Monday discount on its Board & Train program, the response was enthusiastic. However, Janet … Read more ›

Aldens Kennels offers unique k-9 focused solutions to your holiday shopping dilemas.
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Dog training at Aldens Kennels might just be the gift you’re looking for this holiday season

You’ve already bought half-a-dozen ties, a snazzy can opener and signed Uncle Bob up for the Fruit of the Month Club but this year is … Read more ›