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Lake County board member, Aaron Lawlor, said that in his travels around the country he has heard many jokes and snide remarks about government corruption in Illinois.

“Illinois has definitely had its problems,” Lawlor said. “When I’ve participated in programs with elected officials from around the country, they really do kind of laugh. The folks, even from states with colored pasts like New Jersey, laugh about Illinois being one of the more corrupt states in the union.”

Lawlor, 29, who was recently selected to participate in the inaugural “Edgar Fellow Program,” said he hopes to bring up the topic of corruption and other pressing issues when he meets with others in the program in August.

“It’s something I hope we talk about,” said Lawlor, who was invited to participate in the program as one of “40 emerging Illinois leaders.” “If you don’t have a government people have faith in, you really can’t begin to face the other issues we’re facing.”

The Edgar Fellow Program was designed by former Illinois Governor Jim Edgar to promote responsible and responsive leadership in government. The 40 leaders will gather from Aug. 19‐22 at the University of Illinois at Urbana‐Champaign to launch a “forward‐looking enterprise” led by former Gov. Jim Edgar and the university’s Institute of Government and Public Affairs (IGPA), according to a release.

According to the release, the objectives of the Edgar Fellows initiative are to “enhance leadership skills and promote understanding, networking and cooperation across regional, partisan and ethnic lines as these young men and women move ahead in their public‐service careers.”

“We see this as a tremendous opportunity for these outstanding women and men to further develop their abilities and encourage them to become the leaders our state will need to meet the great challenges of the 21st Century,” Edgar said in a written release.

“Just as importantly, this program offers a chance for them to broaden their perspectives and to become acquainted with each other, so they can work together effectively for the good of our state as they assume additional responsibility,” Edgar said.

Lawlor said he plans to talk to his colleagues in the program about steps the Lake County board has taken in the areas of ethics reform.

“What we’ve done in Lake County is to really strengthen our ethics ordinance,” he said. “Commissioners have never been involved in direct hiring, other than our administrator.”

“We made a more stringent ethics ordinance that we passed last year which basically says commissioners won’t even inquire about the status of a [job] application,” he added. “Instead we just refer the individual to the HR department. It completely takes us out of the equation from any possibility or perception of impropriety.”

Another hot button issue Lawlor said he plans to bring up during the meeting is property taxes. He said that from “a local level” property taxes are continuing to increase both from school districts and local governments and the increases are “becoming unsustainable” for residents of Lake County and the surrounding areas.

“It’s the fundamental issue that we face on the county board,” he said. “While we’re responsible for about 10 percent of the tax bill, people think we have more control over it than we do.”

“The real control is rooted in Springfield where they set the law related to property taxes,” he added. “I think what we’re going to see in coming years is that people are going to be increasingly upset about their property tax bills. It’s an issue that needs to be dealt with at the state level.”

Lawlor, who worked as a political director for Ill. Senator Mark Kirk, before being elected to the Lake County board, also said heath care will be on the top of his list of important issues when he travels downstate in August.

“When you look at the issues the state is facing almost all of them are budgetary and many of the budgetary issues fall under the realm of healthcare, whether its Medicaid, Medicare pensions, employee health benefits and that sort of thing,” he said. “If we’re going to work to solve some of the problem of our state, those are areas that really touch the core problems we’re facing.”

While wasteful spending is a concern, Lawlor cautioned against “short sighted budget cuts.”

What I’m excited to learn about is when we talk about cuts, which are absolutely necessary, we also need to look at the long term impacts on our state and our communities,” Lawlor added.

He also said the state cannot keep pushing obligations and unfunded mandates on local governments while taking away revenue streams.

“Local government is stretched really down to the bone,” he said. “At the end of the day local government, I believe, touches peoples lives more closely than pretty much any other level of government.”

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Lake Forest Country Day School Announces Second Semester Honor Roll /lake-forest/community/stories/2012/06/lake-forest-country-day-school-announces-second-semester-honor-roll-2/ /lake-forest/community/stories/2012/06/lake-forest-country-day-school-announces-second-semester-honor-roll-2/#comments Mon, 25 Jun 2012 10:23:11 +0000 Lake Forest Country Day School /lake-forest/?post_type=community_post&p=36232 Lake Forest Country Day School is pleased to announce the second semester honor roll for the 2011-2012 school year. Congratulations to our students as follows:


The Academic Honor Roll has two levels and is awarded to students in sixth through eighth grade. High Honors indicates that a student has earned a grade point average of 3.67 or higher with no grade of D or F.

Grade 6:
Jonathan Browne, Ethan Cantor, Aryana Farimani, Victoria Giambrone, Collin Grasher, Maximilian Hayes, Anne Hennessy, David Krivoshik, Olivia Maggos, Saphie Potts, Mason Schilling, Adam Steinwold, Amanda Tibbals, Phelim Tong, Lowell Weil.

Grade 7:
Emily Cullitan, Erisa Farimani, Julia Goeks, Mariah Goeks, Halima Ling, Kevin Meehan, Tessa Mills, Morgan Peirce, Timothy Sperling, Maddie Stephenson, William Suter, Libby Thompson, Duncan Trerotola, Max Wetzel, Cynnie White.

Grade 8:
Rasha Baig, Joyce Caldwell, Rachel Cantor, Julia Dixon, Wyatt Goeks, Caroline Grumhaus, Grace Hale, Emma Merlin, Julia Mills, Alexandra Patenaude, Sophia Platcow, Alessandro Raganelli, Lucas Sacherer, India Shelley, Skye Shepherd, Lexi Silver.


The Academic Honor Roll has two levels and is awarded to students in sixth through eighth grade. Honors indicates that a student has earned a grade point average of 3.25 to 3.66 on a 4-point scale, with no grade of D or F.

Grade 6:
Claudia Bijak, Barbara Canty, Rebecca Dee, Chapin Grumhaus, Finley Knight, Heather Knobel, Lexie Kolb, Daniel McEvoy, James Muirhead, Lydia Puryear, Ian Strudwick, Alec Wilson.

Grade 7:
Filipe Alban, Obaid Ansari, Travis Bryant, Patrick Dwyer, Thomas Farrell, Alexander Gamache, Jack Gilcrest, Tyler Grumhaus, Sophia Morris, Connor Pan, Aleeya Sawyer.

Grade 8:
Charlie Bernhart, Lillian de Sousa, Lilly Reyes, James Rozsypal, Nina Wilson.


Student can receive an effort grade of Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Unsatisfactory. In the fifth grade, students must receive Excellent effort in four areas, three of which must be in academic subjects. Sixth, seventh & eighth graders must receive Excellent effort in five areas, three of which must be in academic subjects.

Grade 5:

Zachery Barker, Nicholas Bauer, Anne Marie Boardman, Erin Bowler, Lily Connery, Foster Graf, Alexandra Gunton, Kimberly Han, Toby Harris, Shirley Knight, Sophie Kommers, Liam Larsen, Grace Lee, Sydnie Mathews, Tyler Medvec, Natalie Regan, Kimberly Stafford, Sydney Steinberg, Timothy Thompson, Colin Weil.

Grade 6:

Claudia Bijak, Ethan Cantor, Rebecca Dee, Aryana Farimani, Victoria Giambrone, Collin Grasher, Chapin Grumhaus, Ian Haupt, Anne Hennessy, Heather Knobel, Lexie Kolb, David Krivoshik, Olivia Maggos, Daniel McEvoy, Saphie Potts, Lydia Puryear, Mason Schilling, Amanda Tibbals, Phelim Tong, Lowell Weil.

Grade 7:
Filipe Alban, Emily Cullitan, Patrick Dwyer, Erisa Farimani, Alexander Gamache, Julia Goeks, Mariah Goeks, Tyler Grumhaus, Halima Ling, Tessa Mills, Morgan Peirce, Aleeya Sawyer, Timothy Sperling, Maddie Stephenson, Will Suter, Libby Thompson, Duncan Trerotola, Max Wetzel, Cynnie White.

Grade 8:
Rasha Baig, Joyce Caldwell, Rachel Cantor, Lillian de Sousa, Julia Dixon, Benjamin Fybel, Wyatt Goeks, Caroline Grumhaus, Georgia Hale, Grace Hale, Emma Merlin, Julia Mills, Alexandra Patenaude, Sophia Platcow, Alessandro Raganelli, Ross Reid-Anderson, Lilly Reyes, James Rozsypal, Lucas Sacherer, India Shelley, Skye Shepherd, Lexi Silver, Nina Wilson, Molly Zisook.

LFCDS is a neighborhood school serving the Lake Forest community, and a regional center of excellence for early childhood, elementary, and middle school education for children ages 2 to Grade 8. For more information on LFCDS, please visit or call 847-615-6151.


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Heatwave expected to move in by midweek /lake-forest/2012/06/25/heatwave-expected-to-move-in-by-midweek/ /lake-forest/2012/06/25/heatwave-expected-to-move-in-by-midweek/#comments Mon, 25 Jun 2012 11:58:24 +0000 Heather Leszczewicz /schaumburg/?p=41991 Officials are expecting three-digit temperatures to move into the area Thursday following a brief cold front that may produce scattered thunderstorms tonight.

Meteorologist Paul Dailey said the storms will be “hit or miss” with some locations getting more rain than others.

Read more at the Chicago Tribune.

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Skilling: Pleasant end to the work week /lake-forest/2012/06/22/skilling-pleasant-end-to-the-work-week/ /lake-forest/2012/06/22/skilling-pleasant-end-to-the-work-week/#comments Fri, 22 Jun 2012 13:14:05 +0000 Kara Silva /barrington/?p=31890

The work week ends with sunshine and warmth but without the humidity that smothered the first half of the week.

Friday is to deliver 85-degree warmth for the 25th time this year in a month running a solid 5 degrees above normal — the ninth consecutive month to produce a temperature surplus here and the warmest June of the past quarter century.


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Visit Lake County Wins a Bronze Telly Award /lake-forest/community/stories/2012/06/visit-lake-county-wins-a-bronze-telly-award/ /lake-forest/community/stories/2012/06/visit-lake-county-wins-a-bronze-telly-award/#comments Thu, 21 Jun 2012 08:38:48 +0000 Anthony Haag /gurnee/?post_type=community_post&p=32699 Visit Lake County Wins a Bronze Telly Award
33rd Annual Telly Awards honors the very best commercials, videos, films and Internet work

Lake County, IL, June 14, 2012 – The winners of the 33rd Annual Telly Awards have been announced, with Visit Lake County taking home a statuette for their “Let The Ride Take You” TV spot. The spot won a Bronze Telly (second place) in the Travel/Tourism category. With nearly 11,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries, this year’s Telly Awards has been one of the most successful and competitive in the long history of the Telly Awards.

In “Let The Ride Take You”, produced by ad agency Davis Harrison Dion, Lake County spotlights the variety of attractions and destinations that are “just a short ride away” in Lake County. Focusing on “the ride” the television spot featured rides through Lake County via different vehicles including a classic red convertible, a canoe, golf cart, waterslide and roller coaster. “The Ride” targeted a broader audience focusing on the variety of offerings Lake County has during the summer for kids and the whole family.

"We are extremely excited to have received this prestigious recognition," said Maureen Riedy, president, Visit Lake County. "The TV spot was the cornerstone to a tremendously successful ad campaign last year, and is so visually engaging, that we have expanded the concept for this summer’s campaign to include even more rides you can take in Lake County.”

For additional information, or to find out more about Lake County, please visit our website at

About Lake County
Visit Lake County serves as the champion for tourism and the official destination marketing organization for Lake County, Illinois and represents municipalities, hotels, attractions and hospitality related businesses throughout the county. The agency provides travel resources and services for visitors and event planners to enhance the economic impact of travel spending in the county.

About The Telly Awards

Founded in 1979, the Telly Awards is the premier award honoring outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs, the finest video and film productions, and web commercials, videos and films. Winners represent the best work of the most respected advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operators, and corporate video departments in the world.

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Winners and losers: Chicago-area casinos 20 years later /lake-forest/2012/06/21/winners-and-losers-chicago-area-casinos-20-years-later/ /lake-forest/2012/06/21/winners-and-losers-chicago-area-casinos-20-years-later/#comments Thu, 21 Jun 2012 11:52:42 +0000 Heather Leszczewicz /des-plaines/?p=45493

The first suburban Chicago casino opened 20 years ago this month, bringing with it hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in taxes, but also stories of gambling addiction and hardship for some area residents.

Joliet’s Empress Casino, which was renamed Hollywood Casino Joliet in 2010, welcomed its first customers in June 1992. Over the next two years, casinos opened in Joliet, Aurora and Elgin. Rivers Casino in Des Plaines opened last July, and gambling expansion talks in Springfield could put new casinos in the north and south suburbs and downtown Chicago.

During the past two decades, the fissure between casino supporters and opponents has remained deep.

Read more at the Chicago Tribune.

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Skilling: Warmest June in 25 years, but relief in sight /lake-forest/2012/06/20/skilling-warmest-june-in-25-years-but-relief-in-sight/ /lake-forest/2012/06/20/skilling-warmest-june-in-25-years-but-relief-in-sight/#comments Wed, 20 Jun 2012 13:48:39 +0000 Heather Leszczewicz /arlington-heights/?p=49943 The Chicago area will swelter through a third straight day of 90s Wednesday, making June the warmest here in 25 years.

But relief is in sight. The highs will simmer down to the low 80s or even upper 70s Thursday, Friday and Saturday, then the middle 70s on Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday’s high is expected to be around 94, and that means June will have eight 90s on the books when the summer solstice arrives this evening. The average temperature of 71.9 degrees so far this month is 5 degrees above the norm and the warmest June 1-20 period since 1987.

Read more at the Chicago Tribune.

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Lifeguard on duty: Swim at your own risk /lake-forest/2012/06/20/lifeguard-on-duty-swim-at-your-own-risk/ /lake-forest/2012/06/20/lifeguard-on-duty-swim-at-your-own-risk/#comments Wed, 20 Jun 2012 12:04:01 +0000 Heather Leszczewicz /arlington-heights/?p=49936

Lifeguards at Pioneer Park pool in Arlington Heights always have to be on alert — for swimmers in trouble, but also for the lifeguard certification agency that could show up at any time to videotape them on duty, conduct a simulated drowning or quiz them on proper rescue techniques.

Pool managers also perform unannounced drills. At one drill Tuesday, a pool manager tossed a baby mannequin into the deep end from outside the view of the lifeguard on duty. The guard calmly but quickly stood up, blew her whistle three times, jumped in and fished out the doll in a matter of seconds.

In response to drowning deaths, lawsuits, improved training and rescue techniques and the proliferation of risk managers, lifeguards at public pools and beaches in the Chicago area appear to receive more rigorous training than ever before.

Many area park districts rely on national certification agencies like the American Red Cross and Jeff Ellis & Associates that focus on constant vigilance to prevent drownings. The training regimens may require off-season instruction, weekly refreshers during the summer and the passage of surprise drills and inspections. Park district insurance companies also typically require audits and intense oversight of lifeguards.

Read more at the Chicago Tribune.

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Cougars Premier U10 Girls Complete Undefeated Season /lake-forest/community/stories/2012/06/cougars-premier-u10-girls-complete-undefeated-season/ /lake-forest/community/stories/2012/06/cougars-premier-u10-girls-complete-undefeated-season/#comments Tue, 19 Jun 2012 11:09:37 +0000 Richard Harper /st-charles/?post_type=community_post&p=36174

The Cougars Premier U10 girls soccer team wrapped up the season with a convincing 6-1 victory over a very physical LTSC Premier team. The win brought their record to 7-0-1 as they outscored their opponents 32-9 over the course of the season and captured the U10 Girls “A” Division Championship. With the first place trophy firmly in hand, the Cougars staked their claim as the top U10 girls team in the state.

After the game the girls celebrated their championship with a family picnic, eating pizza, drinking lemonade, and playing kick ball with their siblings. In other words, just being 9 and 10 year old girls. Most of the girls have played together for over 3 years and have formed a close bond with each other, a bond that transcends soccer. The same can be said of the parents and extended families, including grandparents, step dads, and cousins. Even the coaches, Coach Drago and Coach Milan, are part of the family. As Coach Drago sat watching the girls laughing and running, he turned to the parents and said “Every one of these girls are on this team because they are special soccer players, each brings a certain skill to the team, but it is more than just soccer. They may be your daughters, but they’re my babies too. I want to help them develop as soccer players and watch them grow into young ladies, through high school and into college. I consider you all my family.” The feeling is mutual, and pretty much sums up what Cougars Premier soccer is all about, family.

Next fall the Cougars will compete in the U11 “A” Division of the IWSL and make the transition from 7v7 to 9v9, a format that will surely showcase their ball skills and passing abilities. I look forward to watching how it will all unfold.

If you’re interested in learning more about the club please visit their website at or contact Richard Harper at or (630) 258-9136.

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Skilling: We’re on a hot streak not seen since 1977 /lake-forest/2012/06/19/skilling-were-on-a-hot-streak-not-seen-since-1977/ /lake-forest/2012/06/19/skilling-were-on-a-hot-streak-not-seen-since-1977/#comments Tue, 19 Jun 2012 13:50:30 +0000 Heather Leszczewicz /arlington-heights/?p=49902

A second uncomfortable day lies ahead, potentially hotter than Monday, with highs in the middle to upper 90s.

The reading would mark the 12th time this year that the Chicago area has been visited by a 90-plus temperatures. Only one other year — since official weather records began in 1871 — has logged more 90-degree or higher readings by June 19. The year was 1977 and there were 13 days in the 90s by this date.

The warm air covering the Midwest has discouraged the formation of clouds and rain. The brutally hot and often bone-dry summer of 1988 serves as a benchmark for hot summers in the Chicago area. That year produced more 90 and 100-degree temperatures than any other on the record books here — 47 and 7, respectively.

Read more at the Chicago Tribune.

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