Chicago-area gamers meet up at GenCon

Patrick W. Rollens/TribLocal Reporter

Gamers and hobby enthusiasts descended on Indianapolis last weekend for GenCon, the annual gaming convention that draws attendees from around the world. The convention spanned four days and featured hundreds of games, workshops and seminars and vendors packed into the Indianapolis Convention Center and most of the surrounding hotels.

Amid the happy tumult of the convention, three Chicago-area gamers found themselves at the same table on Saturday night to try out War Rocket, a new tabletop miniatures game from Detroit-based Hydra Miniatures.

In the game, players control fleets of miniature spaceships, which they maneuver around on a tabletop and roll dice to defeat the opposing fleet. The game lasts anywhere one to two hours, according to Hydra's John Douma, a native of Warren, Mich., who introduced the players to the game.

Phil Wardlow, of Morris, Pete Alberts, of Batavia, and Lloyd Unger, of Sycamore, took command of a small fleet of spaceships and faced off against Lu Shin Wong, of Chicago, and Michael Wistrand, of Okalahoma City, Okla., in a duel to the death in the far reaches of deep space.

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