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St. Joseph Academy Summer Camp

St. Joseph Academy will host a six week academic summer camp beginning on Monday, June 18, at their school at 51 W. Jackson Street in downtown Joliet. Students ages four to fourteen are eligible to attend.

Parents may register their child for one to six weeks of camp. Camp hours are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.; extended day is available if needed.

The academic-based camp features a different theme each week: “Getting to Know You” (music, art, creative writing, dance); “Our Amazing World” (archaeology, dinosaurs, wonders of the world); “America the Beautiful” (environment and local history); “Sports and Games”: “Hands-On Science Exploration” (astronomy, oceanology, botany, physics, chemistry) and “Drama and Performance” (acting, costume and set design, staging, improv). Each week will be highlighted with a special event or field trip.

The first two hours of every day will provide an opportunity for challenging or basic math and language arts, so that students can keep up or advance in the basic subjects in a fun, hands-on way.

Fees for camp include a one-time registration fee of $15/student or $25/family to cover cost of supplies, special lunches, and snacks. Camp fees are $25/day or $125/week, with a $10 extra charge for some field trips. Forms must be completed and the registration fee paid at the time of the initial registration.

St. Joseph Academy is a private, independent school in downtown Joliet for children preschool through eighth grade. Registration for fall is ongoing throughout the summer months. Call Jan Novotny at 815-723-4567 for additional information or to register for either the summer program or the school year.

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