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Encouraging a LOVE of Reading


Make a love of reading your most important education goal for your children.
Make reading a daily activity
Take outings to the bookstore
Give books as gifts
Encourage them to read a book series
Encourage and participate in library use
Have a wide variety of books on hand, as well as newspapers, magazines and comics
Surprise your children with books about their favorite animal, hobby or passion
Join the Book of the Month Club so they get a new book every month
Create their own personal library in their rooms on their own bookshelves
Make reading a scheduled activity, just like clubs and sports
Try reading plays aloud (and acting them out)
Have a quiet, comfortable reading area in your home, the most comfortable room in the house
Dads, spend time reading with your kids
Keep books and magazines in the car
Don’t make your kids turn the lights out at night – let them stay up and read!
Only own one television, and never put it in your children’s room
Cancel your cable subscription and buy books instead
Don’t force them to read something they don’t like
Send teenagers to the bookstore with money to buy any book they like
Read a book together at the same time and discuss it; a kind of “family book club”

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