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Joliet is keystone for national sales expansion of culinary delight from the Keystone State

A quick, convenient breakfast

A quick, convenient breakfast

Jenny Lee Cinnamon Swirl Breads, a staple of Pennsylvania Dutch dining since the Civil War is spearheading the western thrust of its national expansion through Joliet.

Central Grocers, the Joliet-based wholesale grocer famous for its Centrella(R) products is now distributing Jenny Lee Cinnamon Swirl breads throughout Northern Illinois, Southeast Wisconsin and Northwest Indiana. Allied Brokers and Consulting, also of Joliet, is representing the product in five Midwestern states.

"The breads," according to Joliet resident Steve Percifield, owner of Allied, "are unique. The loaves are sheeted, dusted with Korintje cinnamon, then rolled up creating a generous cinnamon swirl from end-to-end. They are baked in a hinged, crimped, cylindrical pan to give them their unique and consistent shape. After cooling loaves are basted in melted butter then tossed in cinnamon sugar. The cinnamon sugar is adhered to the sliced loaves by the butter.

The eating quality is sensational. Rick Crawford, a Certified Master Baker from Indianapolis claims to fill his car with the products whenever he visits Pennsylvania. He says, "It the only bread I've ever seen where people actually fight over th heels." Great right from the package, the bread's superb quality is further enhanced by toasting. According to the manufacturer, it is also superb as the basis for French toast and breakfast sandwiches.

To make the breads available outside the traditional Pennsylvania market area, it is shipped and stored frozen. The generous use of cinnamon aids the product's abiality to be transported and stored this way. "Cinnamon," according to Scott Baker, President of 5Generation Bakers, the manufacturer, is a natural preservative. Aside from the taste, texture and mouth-feel cinnamon provides, it lets us keep a "clean" ingredient label; no chemical preservative are necessary." In addition, there are no unnaturally-occurring chemicals at all; the breads are made from premium all-natural flour.

According to numerous studies, cinnamon has been shown to offer health benefits as well. It aids in the lowering of LDL cholesterol, benefits persons with Type 2 Diabetes, stops certain madication-resistant yeast infections and has been shown to reduce the proliferation of leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells. A study at Cepenhagen University showed cinnamon played a part in significant relifef of arthritis pain.

Surprisingly, despite its sweet cinnamon-sugar coating, cinnamon swirl bread is relatively low in carbohydreates. S single slice (26 grams–slightly less than an ounce) contains only 14 grams of of total carbohydrates. This anomaly was explained by a knowledgable customer at a recent supermarket tasting. "It's kind of like eating a pretzel; a pretzel doesn't have much salt but it tastes salty because the salt is on the outside where it comes into contact with your tongue. It's the same with the sugar on this bread."

Jenny Lee Cinnamon Swirl bread–cinnamon or cinnamon with raisin–are available in the Joliet area at Ultra, Berkot's, Strack & VanTil and other fine grocers.

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