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Actions Speak Louder Than Words


Candidate for Will County State’s Attorney, Dave Carlson, called his opponent, incumbent James Glasgow, hypocritical for his publicizing what has been an epidemic of heroin overdose deaths, after having ignored the killers for nearly 16 years.

Illinois criminal statutes have a crime called “Drug-Induced Homicide”, which contains some of our most severe penalties. A defendant may be charged with Drug-Induced Homicide when it can be determined that they provided narcotics to a victim who later overdosed. In fact, Illinois’ first Drug-Induced Homicide was prosecuted successfully in Will County in 1990.

Under Glasgow’s administration this crime has simply been ignored, and the killers of these young people have gone un-investigated and unpunished.

Now, the same person who has chosen to look the other way for death after death, at election time, intends to do “seminars” warning people of the dangers of narcotics. Photo opportunities and speeches are great politics, but, only direct action and a hard line will save lives. If Glasgow’s heart was truly in the right place, he should be able to point to dozens, possibly hundreds, of successful prosecutions of drug dealers for Drug-Induced Homicide. Instead, he gives speeches, takes publicity photos, and ignores the pain of the victims’ families.

Carlson said; “Glasgow calls the death of these young people “a tragic overdose.” Under the Carlson administration, these cases will be “homicides” and will be investigated with the same vigor as any other homicide, such as reckless homicide or involuntary manslaughter. Under my administration, I will create a Drug-Induced Homicide task force of experienced narcotics agents who will investigate every single overdose death in Will County until it can be determined who the drug dealer was that delivered the drugs causing the overdose death. One can only hope that if these dealers of poison in our community see their fellow drug dealers going to prison for decades, they may think twice about the business they are in.

“In closing, these parents will never know if their child may be alive had Glasgow taken these deaths seriously and investigated and prosecuted the dealers committing these homicides. Under my administration, I promise these crimes will be investigated, prosecuted, and the defendants sentenced to enhanced penalties. The families who have lost loved ones deserve no less.”

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