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Local Family Stricken With Devastating Fire Destroying Their Home



Shorewood/Joliet, Illinois

Imagine your entire house, its valuables and memories ravaged by a uncontrollable fire. Imagine this fire happening in the dead cold of winter. Its hard to imagine for many of us, but it happened to local Shorewood family, Kevin and Danielle Armknecht.

On Tuesday, January 17, 2012, the Armknecht’s found themselves in a helpless situation as their home went up in flames.

Kevin Armknecht is a U.S. Marine and recently finished a tour abroad. His wife, Danielle was a day care specialist who looked after children of low-income families.

Kevin not only is a patriot, but is a Will County A.B.A.T.E. Motorcycle Organization member. Once word spread to fellow A.B.A.T.E. member, a Ms. Karen Hamilton-Thacker, she set out on a journey to inform fellow A.B.A.T.E. members and local citizens of the devastating loss of the Armknechts. One such fellow A.B.A.T.E. member is Candidate Ryan M. Alm for Illinois House of Representatives, District 86.

Hearing the stories of how Rep.McGuire treats Shorewood citizens ( ), Ms. Hamilton-Thacker decided to enlist the help of Candidate Ryan M. Alm. The Candidate spoke personally to Ms. Hamilton-Thacker and pledged his support. He promised to donate articles of clothing and shoes and promised to promote an event to help support this beloved family.

“Mr. Armknecht is a U.S. Marine and a local steel worker who is deserving of our help,” said Candidate Alm. “Their children are in dire need clothing so they can stay warm this winter,” continued Alm. “I wanted to let the local community know as soon as possible so we can get needed clothing for this struggling family.”

For those who wish to donate: Their son Charlie is a 10-month-old, wears a size 3 diapers and 18-24 month size clothing. Their daughter Natalie is 3 years old and wears size 6 clothes and size 10 in shoe.

If you’d like to donate, please drop off your items at “The Hangover Bar” located at 1028 Cora Street, Joliet, Illinois. Donations will be accepted on Friday, 1/20/12 3pm-2am; Saturday, 1/21/12, 11am-2am; and Sunday, 1/22/12, 11am-2am.

Candidate Alm lastly stated “Thanks to Ms. Hamilton-Thacker, the Hangover Bar by owner Jeff Mappa, Mr. Steve Engel and other local citizens, we have an opportunity to pull together to help this family in their time of need.”

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