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Joliet Council Meetings Streaming & E- Agendas Online Now!

City Council and Pre-Council meeting agendas, minutes and video are now available for public view on the web at

The first official meeting to be broadcasted via the new Granicus Meeting Management System and web streaming video will take place during the Pre-Council Meeting on Monday, October 3, 2011.

Residents can go online to and click on the link at the center of the home page for “City of Joliet City Council E-Agenda and Streaming Video.” The new page currently catalogues past meetings and agendas from July 18, 2011 and will continue to populate with upcoming meetings as they take place.

The Granicus Meeting Management System empowers the City of Joliet with a new level of transparency for residents and staff to participate in important meetings and decisions. The software allows access to live and archived meeting videos along with relevant supporting materials like reports, meeting agendas, and minutes. Additionally, all the content is keyword searchable which makes the process of following topics of interest very easy.

The new technology also aids in the staff efficiency of the City Clerk’s office. Hundreds of government agencies have utilized this technology to reduce the time and effort it takes to create, manage, and distribute legislative information to the public – saving them over $20,000 per year.

Granicus, Inc. is an award-winning cloud platform provider for government transparency, efficiency, and citizen participation. It offers the first cloud platform and product suites designed specifically to help government establish meaningful connections with citizens while reducing operational costs. Granicus solutions have provided legislative management and automated open government to towns, cities, countries and other governmental bodies for over 25 years.

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