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i thinks its wrong

Hi my name is Amber i live in joilet IL today i was online and looking up both of my parents and what i happened to come across on both of them was a mugshot and the reason they were arrested now what i have to say about that is i dont like it and not just because of their my parents but the fact that if anybody looks them up there business is out there i think thats wrong im not happy with the way the united states just allows people in the jails business to be out for everyone to read i dont think it should happen to anyone honesty is the best policy and im letting you guys know right now that i disagree with what you people do in ur jobs to be able to put other people who r just like you and me business to put out there for the whole world to see why dont you guys just get over yourselves if that was you on the internet with your "mugshot" up there you wouldnt be to happy now would you karma stricks back for the people who do wrong and yall will get your even if its 30 years from now then your gonna be lookin online and wishing your information wasnt up there so common now does people business really have to be exploded all over the internet or can you just put yourself in there shoes like the fact that police are out there not catching the real basterds that harm people or doing hard drugs put they will get you for a little weed in your pocket or getting into a fight but no drug dealers,and murders even rapest are out there doing harm to people while the ones who really didnt do anything bad are sitting in jail crying because they lost everything because of something so stuiped oh and another thing if any cops are reading this right now common you arrest people because your so bored with your job you got nothing better to do like arresting someone who has like alittle weed on them why dont you go out and get the real criminals who are doing harder drugs and selling harder drugs because weed is the last of yall worries the only way it changes someones personality is they get hungier and tired common alchol is more dangerous yet thats legal or the fact you got legal weed that destroys your body killing people 1 by one how many people do you hear bout dying because they over dosed on weed like seriously go out and get the real criminals because all your doing is making yourself look pathetic and stuiped because you can get a weed dealer bo=ut you cant arrest a cocaine dealer no offence

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