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World class portrait photographer takes her expertise out to the barn for limited edition opportunities

wancketstudios barn portraits

Where many of the portraits created by world-class portrait photographer Audrey Wancket give the impression of fine oil paintings, when she takes her camera outside, she can also capture a freshness and natural sense that is breathtaking. One such opportunity for outdoor photography with the Spring Grove based portrait photographer is what she calls her annual “Boys In The Barn” special.

Much as with the limited edition portraits she just finished this week of small children and infants with baby chicks, “Boys In The Barn” is a limited edition opportunity that brings rave reviews from those familiar with her work.

“There’s a rustic and natural appeal to these portraits,” Wancket said. “It’s just a great natural look that people love.”

The barn is actually the stable, where Wancket keeps her horses, behind the portrait studio. Wancket said she discovered the barn as a special setting for portraits about 25 years ago. Often taken by the gates to the horse stalls, the portraits capture the energy and exuberance of youth. However, Wancket said the portraits aren’t strictly limited to boys.

“We do portraits of girls in there, too,” she said. “But, it’s just a great, natural spot for boys – from little to high school seniors.”

Wancket said she enjoys the fresh, crisp look of the portraits. Her clients also like their rural appeal.

Wancket offers Boys In The Barn Portrait Sessions whenever the weather cooperates. For more information call 847-587-3350 or visit .

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