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Guests come back to Aldens for quality dog boarding


Over the years, thousands of dogs have stayed at Aldens Kennels, 6810 Barnard Mill Road, Ringwood. A significant portion of these dogs have stayed more than once. That’s because dogs and their owners know a good value when they see it.

“We know that dogs are members of the family,” said Al Domrase, owner of Aldens Kennels. “So, we treat them like members of our family, too. It’s the first step to ensuring the best possible dog boarding experience.”

One thing dogs can expect at Aldens is a clean and private room. Actually, that room includes their own doggy door for indoor/outdoor access. Outside, dogs enjoy fresh air with ample shade – no lying in a baking sun all day. Indoors, Aldens offers 4-Star climate control for any season.

The pet care specialists at Aldens ensure that guests have fresh water and timely, yet tasty, meals. At Aldens, these are considered the basics of quality dog boarding. What really makes Aldens stand out as a favorite with dogs and owners is all the ‘extras’ Aldens provides.

The extras start with nature walks. Aldens is on the boundary of Glacial Park Nature Preserve. A nature walk here is a real chance for dogs to get back to their roots.

More than that, Aldens offers playtime. Playtime, liberally administered by Aldens pet care specialists, comes with a wide variety of dog toys. One or more is sure to tickle a dog’s fancy.

Special doggy treats are also on tap at Aldens. The puppy approved ice cream is a signature favorite at the kennel.

Aldens will drive dogs to and from vet and spa appointments. They also offer a pet sitting/dog training combo called Board & Train that is guaranteed to drive any vestige of boredom away.

With Board & Train, pet owners drop their dogs off for a couple of weeks in the vacation-like atmosphere at Aldens. Between relaxation, nature walks, playtime and other amenities, the dogs are engaged in an intense dog training seminar.

Dog owners are consistently amazed when they return to find that their previously uncontrollable pet has transformed into a refined lady or gentleman.

When the day is done, whether a dog is at Aldens for Board & Train or merely for boarding, Aldens pipes soft classical music into dogs’ rooms to finish the day’s activities with a good night’s sleep. Return customers are accustomed to this final measure of quality. First-time guests are pleasantly surprised.

For more information about rally, call 815-728-0559 or visit: www.

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