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Celebrate the special occasions in life with an equally special portrait

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Births, birthdays, graduations, weddings and more: these are some of the signposts of life that deserve to be celebrated and preserved with photography. They tell stories, not just of what someone looked like but of who they were then, the expressions they wore and their posture.

Audrey Wancket, of Spring Grove based Wancket Studios, understands the nuances that go into a fine portrait. She realizes that how much a portrait shares with viewers depends, in large part, with how much attention and care she puts into the portrait. For Wancket, portrait photography is her passion as well as her profession.

“I approach each portrait as if this will be the best I’ll ever do,” Wancket said. “It’s one way I push myself to constantly improve the quality of my portraits. If a portrait photographer shows up each day as though this is just another day on the job it will show in their final product.”

Wancket is a consistent winner and strong finisher in Professional Photographers of America photography competitions, ranking her among the field’s elite on an international scale. In 2011, Wancket was a Kodak Gallery Award winner and finished fourth in the Kodak Elite Awards competition. She was also among the top 10 finishers in the GIAs – the PPA’s Grand Imaging Award. But, even the awards are seen less for their recognition than for the way they push her to succeed.

“I see the competitions as a way to keep my focus sharp,” she said. “In life, it’s too easy to fall into the routine. No matter how many portraits I’ve created, for my clients, coming to Wancket Studios is anything but routine. They come to me because they want something special and that’s what I deliver.”

Perusing through a gallery of Wancket’s portraits on her Web site, or even in her studio, will quickly allay any fears of the mundane. Wancket has a unique ability to create portraits that tell a story. Many of her works also have the compelling appearance of fine oil paintings.

Clients will come to pick up a portrait and Wancket will see a wife slapping her husband’s hand away when he reaches out for the portrait.

“It looks like an oil painting,” he’ll explain.

That is just one of the qualities that make a Wancket portrait something special. When combined with the skill and experience offered at Wancket Studios, it’s a winning combination.

For more information call 847-587-3350 or visit

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