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Take it from other clients, Aldens Kennels offers top quality dog boarding and dog training


When the folks at Aldens Kennels, 6810 Barnard Mill Road, Ringwood, say they know dogs they have years of experience backing up that assertion. Aldens offers world-class dog training and dog boarding. Before opening Aldens Kennels, owner Al Domrase and his wife, Janet, raised and showed champion Pomeranians. Between the kennel and the dog shows, they’ve cared for dogs for the better part of (four?) decades.

While that level of experience is comforting for dog owners who bring their pets to Aldens, nothing is quite as convincing as hearing from someone else who has first-hand experience. Pet owners who bring their dogs to Aldens for pet sitting tend to bring their dogs back. Those who take advantage of the dog training expertise available at Aldens can attest to the improved quality of life living with a well-trained pet. Some have taken the time to share their feelings with the kennel.

Here are a few of the comments registered by dog owners who have come to Aldens for pet sitting and dog training services.

Richard and Janness were afraid to bring their two Weimaraners to a kennel. Their experience with kennels, with a previous dog, had not been good. Yet, after hearing positive reports about the care provided at Aldens, they decided to a kennel one more try.

“Since our dogs (Lady and Buttons) have never been without us, this was hard for us; however, when got to Florida, and checked (the) website, we were thrilled to see the two Youtube videos of Lady and Buttons playing and going on nature walks.”

Playtime and nature walks are just two of the activities available for dogs staying at Aldens. Among other amenities at Aldens, the kennel also offers special treats, baths and grooming and will drop off and pick up guests from veterinarian and spa appointments.

William and Margaret also had concerns about boarding their dog at a kennel. “Our older dog required special attention – she was treated with extraordinary compassion and competence” at Aldens.

The amenities offered at Aldens are designed to ward off boredom, which is as common at some kennels as empty water bowls. Not only do the pet care specialists at Aldens keep water bowls fresh, they regularly engage their guests in fun activities. One such activity is called Board & Train.

Board & Train is actually a mix of dog boarding and dog training. Joe, Jamie, Finn and Piper didn’t want to like leaving their dog in a pen and coming home to a mess each day. They decided to drop their dog, Clare, off at Aldens for three weeks of Board & Train.

“I feel like the three weeks we sent her to you saved us a year or more of puppy frustration,” they wrote.

Another pet owner who took advantage of Aldens Board & Train program is Deborah. She left her adult dog at Aldens for two-and-a-half weeks and came back to a “different dog. This is a 7-year-old dog that was totally untrained … the saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks does not apply here.”

As with any business, Aldens loves to hear from clients. On the one hand, the kennel is always looking for ways to improve the level of quality they bring to their dog boarding and dog training services. On the other hand, the positive reinforcement is welcome in its own right.

For more information about Aldens Kennels, call 815-728-0559 or visit:

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