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New pens and no boredom for dogs at Aldens Kennels


At some kennels, dogs are left in 4’ X 6’ pens all day. The pen might be outdoors with a small panel to provide a modicum of shade. Or, maybe the pen is indoors where the smell is oppressive, as is the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter.

At Aldens Kennels, 6810 Barnard Mill Road, Ringwood, such conditions are completely unacceptable.

“People don’t just leave their dogs with us,” said Al Domrase, owner of Aldens Kennels, “they leave pets that are members of their families. They don’t expect us to treat members of their family like livestock.”

At Aldens, instead of chain-link cages, they have newly remodeled pens and runs. The pens are indoors with year-round temperature control to make a 4-Star hotel proud. Outdoors, the run is shaded and spacious. Between the two is a doggy door allowing guests to choose their own environment.

Of course, Aldens doesn’t expect guests to sit, confined in pens all day and night.

“The monotony at some kennels is painful to watch,” said Domrase. “Who would want to sit in a box all day and night with nothing to do?”

The solution to boredom at Aldens is a menu of activities to keep dogs engaged. That menu starts with nature walks and also includes playtime, special snacks and a mix of dog boarding and dog training. Domrase said they even transport their guests to and from vet and spa appointments.

The mix of boarding and training at Aldens is called, appropriately, Board & Train. Clients leave their dogs with Aldens for two weeks and, when the clients return, they discover a previously wild animal has the refined manners of a lady or gentleman.

The net result of all these activities is that days are busy for dogs boarding at Aldens. That tends to make for good sleeping at night. To further ensure their guests get a good-night’s sleep, Aldens also plays some soft and relaxing music at night.

“Dogs like coming back to see us,” Domrase said. “Sure, they’re thrilled to see their owners again but a stay at Aldens isn’t as traumatic for dogs as it is at other kennels.”

To learn more about Aldens Kennels at 815-728-0559 or visit

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