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New-old Bike Haven offers fun and fit lifestyle assistance


Do you know the biggest difference between a bicycle and a car? One burns gasoline, the other burns calories. Both factors make a trip to Bike Haven’s new shop on Pearl Street in McHenry, a block west of the river, a worthy use of your time. There are, however, other good reasons to visit Bike Haven, formerly Wally’s Bike Haven and formerly on Route 120.

As an independent bicycle shop, Bike Haven has an amazing assortment of bicycles and accessories. It also has two owners, Jessica and Josh Arnow, who have a real love of bicycling and a desire to share their enthusiasm for bicycling with others.

“It’s been a passion for both of us for a long time,” said Jessica Arnow. “We had the opportunity surface and had our in-depth pillow talk one night and decided, ‘What better way to spend our time doing something we love and making people happy.’”

The Arnows took over Wally’s Bike Haven October 1 of last year. They moved to their new location January 6.

The store has virtually every accessory a bicyclist will need. That includes helmets, baby trailers, even Oakley sunglasses.

“We have a full line of clothing with Endura,” Arnow said. “We also have Giro shoes.”

In terms of bicycles, there are approximately 100 bicycles to choose from at Bike Haven, from road racers and mountain bikes to purely recreational and children’s bikes. Bike Haven also has a wide assortment of parts for bikes. Parts they don’t have they can order.

For those who require a little assistance with the mechanical process of replacing parts on their bikes, Bike Haven has three certified bicycle mechanics. The mechanics can handle anything from major repairs to maintenance.

But, Jessica Arnow said that what really sets Bike Haven apart from other bicycle shops is their focus on fun.

“We’re not just a bicycle shop, we’re a lifestyle,” she said. “Thirty minutes of bicycling burns more calories than 30 minutes of a hard workout and bicycling is more fun.”

And how do they put a focus on fun? For starters, they offer Saturday morning shootouts. No Wild West quick draw action here; rather, a shootout is when all riders head out on the road at the same time. In the case of Bike Haven’s Saturday morning weekly events, shootouts start at 8 a.m.

Among Saturday morning riders are Tony and Michelle Myatt of Total-U-Fitness and Totally Fit Radio.

“This is a great way to stay healthy and it’s a lot of fun,” Michelle Myatt said.

Though everyone leaves at the same time, all riders can set their own pace. Furthermore, no one is left behind on the road should a flat tire interrupt their ride. A rider from Bike Haven follows up the pack to offer assistance wherever needed.

“It’s great camaraderie,” Arnow said.

Sundays are also great days to ride and, every other week, Bike Haven leads riders on a trail in the area. Riders pack their bikes on cars and follow the Arnows to different locations for each event.

“The rides help bring awareness of what’s in our area,” Arnow said. “People think, ‘Oh, we’re in the Midwest.’ They don’t know what the Midwest has to offer.”

Arnow said that there are a number of truly beautiful places to ride in the region.

To learn more, call The Bike Haven at 815-385-4642 or visit

You can also call Total-U-Fitness at 800-559-8348 (UFIT) or visit

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