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Mobile Computing: Tablets in the Workplace

Liberty Technology Advisors

Liberty Technology Advisors

With tablets such as the iPad 3 taking the consumer and business markets by storm, it's sometimes difficult not to portray all their hype as the latest techno-craze. But think again. Tablets offer programs and "apps" that link businesses to customers, securely connect to wireless networks for on-the-go business functions, and ease customer relations. Simply put, these user-friendly devices have the potential to improve your business's productivity and profitability.

Tablets are not only here to stay – they're growing in popularity among businesses. In fact, it is estimated that "25% of computers used for work globally are tablets and smartphones, not PCs" (Forrester Research Inc.). Sooner or later your business will be presented with the opportunity to go mobile or potentially get left behind. Read on to learn how each of the following groups thrives when businesses embrace the mobile computing phenomenon, and why your business should evaluate its options to find the best mobile computing solution to fit its needs.

• Employees – They are your business's most valuable and appreciated assets, but when communication between management, customers and employees goes astray, so too does their performance, as well as your business's profits and reputation. Real-time communication synchronization uses a push system to simultaneously notify management and employees of changes and updates that are made within the organization – a key component to successful business operations. Providing tablets to employees enables them to always be in the know and remain active in your business's procedures when not in the office. Tablets also provide businesses the ability to sync employees with customer inquiries, identify business transactions in real-time, acknowledge customer sales and payments, and immediately track updates made via e-mail, calendars, and word documents.

• Clients & customers – As a way of improving Customer Relationship Management, tablets offer clients and customers ease of access, security, convenience and a clearer understanding of the product or service they are purchasing from your business. With countless catalog browsing options, self-service capabilities, presentation methods and secure payment options, your clients and customers are sure to view your business in a whole new light – one of endless customer-focused initiatives without the confusing technological mishaps. Countless easy-to-learn and user-friendly apps available on tablets allow your business to shift its focus from software support issues to attending to client and customer needs.

• Your business – Whether your sales group is stationed in the office or on the go with clients, tablets allow business representatives to access files, conduct research, edit office documents, create forms, attend meetings, take notes, invoice and sell, take orders, charge credit cards, control inventory, manage customers, analyze reports, brainstorm ideas and give presentations virtually anywhere. With convenient programs and apps that are much more cutting edge than traditional legal pads, and interactive capabilities that are not available on laptops or smartphones, tablets offer businesses the opportunity to be more productive, efficient and profitable.

Skeptical? At first most businesses are, but tablets are secure and customizable to accommodate your business's specific industry needs, financial goals, sales routines, analytic processes and marketing techniques.

Tablets provide endless possibilities in the workplace that traditional computer platforms do not. Whether those who use them are office executives, healthcare professionals, deliverymen or field and service technicians, tablets will favorably change the way your company does business. They are simple to learn, safe, portable, and offer a world of options you may not have otherwise known existed. They are the mobile upgrade your business never knew it always wanted.

Discover how Liberty Technology Advisors' expert project management services can help your business customize mobile computing to fit its needs. Connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, visit our website or call 847.509.9140 to learn more.

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