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Ralph and his Board & Train experience at Aldens Kennels


My people, they’re getting up. Oh look, they’re putting their coats on. THEY’RE GOING OUT!!

“Take me! Take me!”

Oh, they’re not going to take me. They never take me. Well, they do take me but not every time they go out. I just know they won’t take me this time but gotta try …

“I want to go, too. I want to go every time. Take me! Take me!”

WOOHOO!! They’re getting my leash. They’re going to take me. They do love me.

“OK, open the door. Open the door. What do you mean, ‘Calm down?’ Can’t you see we’re going out? Open the door.”

That was silly. Of course, they can see we’re going out. They’re on the other end of my leash. Well, it’s about time I take them for a walk, anyhow.

“Try to keep up back there.”

Why do I always have to drag them along?

“What? The car? We’re going in the car? Window seat! Window seat! I call a window seat.”

Now, this is the life. You just haven’t lived until your tongue is flapping in the breeze and slapping your nose.

Hmmm. I don’t remember this place. Why are we pulling in here? It’s not the vet, thank goodness. It’s not the spa. Besides, I need a lot more knots in my hair before I’m due for another grooming. So, why are we stopping here?

(Sniff, Sniff) There are other dogs here. I can tell.

“Oh, don’t act like you already knew. That’s it, open the door. Open the door.”

Wow, this place is much cleaner than the vet or the spa.

“OK, what’s with all this talking? Let’s go meet the other dogs already. Have nose, will sniff, as they say.

“Oh, you’ve handed the leash to this stranger. You want me to take him for a walk?”

Well, he seems nice. Oh, look at that. He’s petting me. Well, as long as your there, how about a little higher and to the left. That’s it, right behind the ears.”

OK, so why is my person hugging me all of a sudden. Wow, you’d almost think she was going to leave me here. OH MY GOSH! SHE IS GOING TO LEAVE ME HERE! She’s going out the door. What are you …

Oh, that is nice the way he scratches me behind the ear. What was I just talking about a moment …

“Yes, yes, that’s nice. Now a little lower.”

Oh good. Now we’re going to go see the other dogs.

(Two weeks later after Ralph has graduated from his Board & Train program at Aldens Kennels)

Hey, those are my people. They’ve come back.

“Wonderful to see you. Sit? Oh, my pleasure.

“Roll over? Well, certainly.

“I see you’re getting my leash. That’s fine, though you really don’t need it. I’ve learned I can take people for a walk without one.

That’s a funny look they’re giving me. From the way they’re looking at me, you’d think I was a completely different dog or something.

“Oh, you’re ready to go? No, please, after you.”

Is it me, or do my owners seem a little more behaved now?

To bring your dog in for a Board & Train experience, visit or call 815-728-0559.

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