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"Going Green" in the World of IT

Liberty Technology Advisors

Liberty Technology Advisors

Most businesses know what it takes to "Go Green" around the office, but not every business recognizes what steps can be taken in altering IT systems and their setups to help protect the environment and reduce company costs.

At LTA, we recognize the importance of being conscious of the environment and are doing our part to help cut back on unnecessary energy, gas and waste production. Often overlooked and under-appreciated, the following list of environmentally-friendly IT efforts can help your business jump on the "Green" bandwagon and begin saving.

• If you haven't already, make the switch from CRT monitors to LCD computer screens – Not only are CRT monitors space-hoggers, they're electricity-hoggers as well. Replacing an outdated CRT monitor with a 20-inch widescreen LCD screen cuts the annual electricity costs for monitors by up to 63%.

• Consolidate your IT assets – This solution is practical in more ways than one but isn't implemented as often as it ought to be. By combining countless old servers into fewer high-efficiency systems, your business eliminates the number of servers that require air-conditioning and dramatically decreases energy loads.

• Consider implementing a "Lights Out" server room – Environmentally mindful and money-savers, these computer-operated storerooms are rarely visited by employees and require no light for proper server operation. Program a KVM switch to control the room's security and never worry about forgetting to turn off the lights again.

• Take it one step further – Rather than storing your business' servers in your office building where they take up space and energy, maintain your networks through cloud computing. Clouds are housed off-site and offer businesses access to their networks 24/7. Investing in cloud computing allows your business to uphold an open-flow of access to your documents and programs without wasting unnecessary energy or incurring the added expenses of maintaining servers on-site.

• Take advantage of voice and video conferencing – Most downloadable conferencing programs are free and conserve the gas that is wasted on traveling locally and long-distance.

• Start now – Making major IT adjustments often requires careful thought and consideration before any type of implementation begins. If you are skeptical about consolidating servers or switching to cloud computing, make minor changes around the office to inspire the entire team to "go green." Limit the number of e-mails you print. When printing is necessary, print double-sided each time. Supply a paper/plastic recycling bin. Install a water cooler to replace bottles. Offer reusable cups to replace styrofoam. Each change made, no matter what its size, will cut back on the waste that was previously produced. Every little bit counts.

Is it worth the switch? Simply put, yes. Consider these solutions long-term investments that will help your business do its part by significantly cutting back on energy consumption. Making the change to "greener" solutions may require expenses upfront, but in the end will benefit both the environment and your business's electric bill.

Discover how Liberty Technology Advisors' expert project management services can help your business do its part. Connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, visit our website or call 847.509.9140 to learn more.

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