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Piano History in Crystal Lake


There is an old piano in Crystal Lake with some ties to Chicago History. In particular to the Chicago Fire of 1871. The story that came with a Steinway Seven Foot Square Grand Piano built in 1861 tells of survival from the great Chicago Fire. According to the story the piano was removed from a well to do Chicago Family Home near the Chicago River and was pushed in up to the body of the piano. After the fire passed the Steinway was pulled back out and later restored. The piano legs are built from Solid Walnut while the upper body of the piano is solid rosewood. This beautiful piece is on public display in the piano warehouse of Piano Trends Music Company in Crystal Lake. Free showings can be scheduled simply by contacting the company at 815.477.4266. Visiting the piano makes a great field trip for out of town visitors and guests with an interest in either music or Chicago History.

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